Women's Top 5 Health Concerns

Imagine living without illness to slow you down. While there are no lifetime guarantees, enough scientific research has been done to make long, healthy living a possibility. To help women boost health, WebMD examined five medical conditions that are of great concern to them: heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune diseases. We looked at the risk factors for each disease and asked the experts what women could do to prevent such ailments. In order to make full use of this information, Saralyn Mark, MD, encourages women to take charge of their health. She says women need to work in partnership with their doctors by finding out their family medical history, educating themselves on health issues, and paying attention to their bodies. "You know what makes you feel good, you know when you don't feel well. Understanding your body is key," says Mark, senior medical adviser for the Office on Women's Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Hu…

Keep Curls in All Day........ yuhuuuuuu

1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and follow with a moisturizing conditioner.

2. De-tangle hair with a seamless wide-tooth comb while the hair is soaking wet and full of conditioner.

3. Wrap hair in a 100 percent cotton towel and use your palms to gently press out excess water. If you have naturally curly hair, substitute a cotton T-shirt for the towel because towels roughen up the delicate hair cuticle, which can contribute to frizz. Do not wring or squeeze the hair. Remove the towel or T-shirt.

4. Comb a moisturizing leave-in conditioner through the hair and distribute it evenly.

5. Divide your hair into four sections. Smooth a styling product into each section from the ends to the roots. Comb the product through each section for full coverage.

6. Divide straight hair into sections and roll the hair in curlers. (Use cloth or rubber curlers that are comfortable to sleep on.) Let the hair curl overnight. Remove curlers in the morning and style as desired. Use hair spra…

Ouchh.... heat damage my hair

Hair is central to the aspect of your beauty, and yes it requires treatment to keep it looking great. These days, everyone has turn out to be quite fashion sensitive, and wish their hair to appear ideal, which is why, they try out various hair styles. Various hair styling equipment for example hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs, or rollers may cause heat damage to your hair.

The busy life today, do not allow people to have enough time to let their hair dry naturally, so use of blow dryers has become common. Another reason for the excessive use of styling tools is that people wish to change their look often, and experiment with different hairstyles. Therefore, people with straight hair use curling tongs, while those with curly hair use straighteners. Use of heat styling tools strips your hair of essential moisture, and leads to dryness, and split ends.

If you want to keep your hair from being damaged, then you should be following precautionary measures. It is ve…

Perfect Big Hair

I refer to the technique as "backcombing", mainly because of the familiarity of the term. In actuality, I rarely ever use a comb. A small brush works far better (not one with knobules at the end of the bristles).

The tool I've used in these photos is specifically for backbrushing and updo styling (that's where the pointed tail on the end comes in handy). Great tool to have.

1. Start with a small (about 1 inch thick) triangular section at the front of your crown right where you want the part to end and the hair to start moving back.

If you're looking for volume right from the front hairline, then take your first section there and, in both cases...

Direct it forward so the section is about 45° from the scalp, and comb the hair down to the root in short, deep strokes. Only work in the bottom 2 or 3 inches.

Hold the section firmly near the ends so as not to pull down too much, which results in bulky, tangled clumps at the root and thin ends to display the unsightly mess p…

Skin Toning

Use astringent lotions with a piece of cotton wool but if your skin is looking worn off and tired, pat it on with a brisk slapping movement.
Moisten cotton wool with skin toning lotion and pat on the cheeks, chin and neck.
If you have normal, combination or dry skin, use very delicate and light preparation to refresh the skin. Never use a harsh astringent lotion for this purpose. Rose water based product is preferred.
For dry skin use rose water diluted with mineral water. Apply it gently with cotton wool avoiding the eye and upper cheek area completely.
For combination skin, light toning lotion should be used all over the face, except for the eye area. Then apply the astringent on the greasy areas with cotton wool. Never let the astringent spill over the dry cheek and eye areas.
Oily skinned people should tone with an astringent lotion, applying particularly to the oiliest places, i.e. sides of the nose, chin and forehead.
For a combination skin, refresh the skin by mixing 2 parts o…

Makeup Palettes

For one, someone does the work of choosing creative color combinations for me. Oh this eyeshadow looks good with this gloss? Great! These shadows look great with this base? Fantastic! This really makes for more quality time in applying makeup, rather than it being a race to finish before being interrupted.

I also love that I can take my palette with me when heading out for the day (or night if I am lucky). No need to pack separate powders, lipsticks, etc. It’s all in one easy to carry case. Makes life easy, no ?

One palette that caught my eye is by Pop Beauty. They make eye shadow palettes based on your eye color. I have hazel eyes, so Pop Beauty Eye Class for Green Eyes is perfect. I also love their Naturally Popette palette, which includes colors for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Hard Candy has an ultra cute makeup palette that opens to resemble a makeup train. It’s a tri-level makeup palette with eyeliners, blushes, shawdows, glosses, mini mascara and makeup applicators. They can fit ALL of …

Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an amazing way to achieve a new look. What’s more, applying new hairstyles as well as washing them is simple and easy. One can find a wide range of hair types when choosing a hair extension, right from curly to straight.

True harmony is human hair extensions that perfectly match your own hair. True beauty is how gorgeous you will be when you are done having those extensions added to your hair. Really, there is no doubt about it. Human hair extensions are considered to be "the" best method of extending what you've got. Why? They're the best method to extend what you have simply because they ARE human hair. It just handles and bonds better than other methods - weaving, clip-ins, synthetic etc.

Choose the method you want when you have your extensions added in. It could be cold fusion or hot fusion, link and lock fusion or fusion loops. Without getting way too technical, all these methods are fairly easy for you to even do at home. However, the first t…