5 Free Simple Weight Loss Tips We Can All Do ! ™

Tip No1 - Get Out There
You probably always hear the expression 'take a hike!' You know what? Health experts are actually encouraging you to follow that particular advice.

Walking, or the art of traveling by foot, is human's natural means of transportation. However, with today's society full of vehicles, walking is slowly becoming a lost art. And this should not be, health experts said, as walking has numerous benefits to us.

Walking is a cardio vascular workout that can help reduce your risk of heart disease; aids in alleviation of depression and lower back pain; increase your muscular strength; improve coronary condition; reduce risks of infection and hypertension; aids in maintaining a healthy weight; and curbs the decrease in bone density.

Likewise, it also helps in maintaining flexibility and coordination hence, reducing the risk of falls. Like almost all forms of exercise, it adds more health and zest to your life. Aside from the obvious health benefits, walking can also have a very large social and economic impact in today's society. Walking is free. In comparison to the cost of operating a car, which costs thousands a year, walking will not cost you anything.

Tip No2 - Be Realistic
Be realistic about your weight loss goals. When you get married, people are looking at you, the outside you, and the inside you. Your guests will likely be people that you have some type of relationship with and that are there are to celebrate this wonderful moment. They know that you are not rail thin. Many may have watched you through the years. Going from a size 20 to a size 2 would not only be shocking for them, it could also take away from the importance of the day. Set a weight loss goal that will make you feel good about yourself regardless of whether everyone notices. You will know and your spouse-to-be will absolutely know.

Tip No3 - Take It Slow
Plan to exercise. By incorporating some aerobic, anaerobic and strength training exercise into your life, you will be able to burn the calories off. Don't overdo it. Start slowly with shorter workouts at first, maybe even by sneaking exercise into your daily life, such as adding more walking and stair-climbing at first. Then, progress to longer and more body toning workouts. Exercise will not only help you to look good, you will feel good also. You should also consider working closely with a personal trainer that can tailor an effective program to your individual needs.

Tip No4 - Go To Sleep
Do you fell that you need to lose weight? Well then don't just count calories. You might want to count sheep as well.

Recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation disrupts a series of metabolism and hormonal processes. It causes increased hunger and affects the body's metabolism making it difficult to lose and control weight.

Lack of sleep causes a hormone called cortisol, which controls the appetite, to take excess calories and store them as excess body fat. In addition, sleep loss interferes with carbohydrate metabolism which may cause high blood glucose levels. The excess amount of glucose encourages the overproduction of insulin, which may lead to diabetes or even obesity. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can promote weight gain by affecting our behavior. People who lack sleep tended to crave sweets or high carbohydrate, high fat food with low nutrient value. They tend to snack on chips, cakes, pastries, burgers, fries, soft drinks, etc. Though the short-term rise in blood sugar, brought on by these snacks, gives a surge of energy, the extra calories are not needed by the body and must be stored as body fat.

These calories are not so easily shed than taken. When they are sleep deprived, people are often too tired to exercise or they work out less intensely than usual. They commonly feel exhausted and lack the energy and motivation to do even simple exercises. They rather go to sleep, or eat, than go physical. In due time, the calories that are gained and not easily burned are deposited in the body as fat.

Some people may require less hours of sleep to be in top condition during the day; while others need more than 10 hours. But experts agree that most people need at least eight hours of sleep each night to give themselves enough energy to exercise, eat right and keep off those unwanted pounds. Yet, according to a poll sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, only 30 percent of adults get eight or more hours of sleep on weeknights; while 52 percent do on weekends. A third of adults reportedly sleep no more than six-and-a-half hours nightly.

In fact, disruption in the sleeping patterns in the United States and in the industrialized world is thought as one of the main reasons that people are getting overweight. People should start making behavioral and lifestyle changes now for a better, healthier tomorrow.

Tip No5 - Buy A Blender
One of the things that I have noticed about single men is, they don't have the right tools in the kitchen. I have never understood this really. I mean, if you are single or in a relationship, you still need to eat. I have known men that didn't have a can opener or a pot big enough to cook pasta in. One thing a man should never do with out is, a blender. It is a good for many things in the kitchen. It is also good to make mixed drinks with. Your lady friends will love the mixed drinks you will make in your new blender. Most women like sweet fruity type of alcoholic drinks. If you can get her drunk..... You know the rest of the story.

Blenders can be a great way to make easy meals. I love to use mine to make fast meals that I don't have to stand around a hot stove to make. I call it fast food at home. I also try to make a little extra so that I have some leftovers I can eat the next day for dinner or take it to work for lunch.

Here are some easy recipes that you can use in your blender.

The Virgin Club Med Breeze
350-400 ml strawberry yogurt 1/2 cup skim milk (or 2%) 1 sliced banana 2 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp grenadine syrup 2 scoops protein powder This is a drink that women will love. A few of these and both of you will have a nice buzz and a quite evening around the fire place will be so relaxing. You may want to skip the powder if you are making it for your woman.

2 ripe tomatoes cut into big pieces 1/2 cup chopped parsley or coriander 2 tbsp breadcrumbs 1 avocado, sliced 3 tbsp lemon juice 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 cup of tomato juice 1 cup of ice-cold water 2 tsp Tabasco or chili sauce Salt, pepper, and dried herbs to taste Throw everything in the blender and watch it go. This one tastes great. I usually add just a little more hot sauce to mine. I might also add some crushed red pepper flakes after I have blended it. I love hot and spicy foods.

A simple pesto is a great way to use the blender. Since everyone has a way to make it they like, I suggest that you look on google or another search engine for a good recipe. I would try to avoid the oil. Some people put a lot of oil in theirs. Also, if you use pine nuts, I would suggest that you use ones that are dry roasted. Make sure you don't get the ones that are deep fried.

The blender can also be a great way to make deserts. Try this one.

Two cups ice cream. Two handfuls of strawberries Half a banana Some chocolate syrup. In the last pulse, put in some walnuts. Get them chopped up, but not too fine. You want to make sure that you can feel the walnuts in your mouth.

Serve this in a bowl or on top of a piece of low fat cake. I love eating this with low fat chocolate cake. I bake a cake and don't put any frosting on it. I make it in a square pan. I put the ice cream on the cake like it was frosting. Garnish with a few whole walnuts. You and your guests will love this.


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