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Men spend a lot of money trying to find ways to make their loved ones even prettier than they are. To find a look that flatters what his mate has and hides the things she doesn't like about herself can make everyone feel good. But what can be even better is finding cheap lingerie that looks like it cost a million dollars. Even now that's not an easy task. But with an increase in online lingerie shops, it's getting easier.

Cheap lingerie might be a misnomer. Even lingerie on sale is typically higher in cost than a pair of pants. But there are places and times where men can find lower-priced lingerie. Clearance bins at the local department store is one place to look. These bins hold the pieces that got overstocked, or failed to sell for some reason. As such, they may not be silk or satin lingerie with frills or extras. But they can still make a good gift for someone who has not become accustomed to higher-priced lingerie. Another place to look for low-price lingerie is online. With the myriad of lingerie storefronts on the Internet, there are inevitably going to be those pieces that arrive to the seller defective or tagged with the wrong size. Some will sell returns for a percentage off. And with all of the competition online, there will always be a shop here or there that is going out of business and needs to get rid of its inventory, for whatever customers are willing to pay.

There are as many styles of cheap lingerie as there are body types in the world. Two distinct purposes of lingerie are to enhance the body's natural beauty and to shape and modify parts of the body that need help. Corsets, bustiers, bras, garters and the like are shapers. They can make the breasts appear larger and more shapely. They can also slim the waist and bring out curves that are just barely there. Teddys, camis, baby dolls and other similar styles of lingerie can enhance the body's natural shape. They often cover the torso, and come in either one-piece suits or a set with a top and panties.

Movies have made popular the silky, soft and lacy lingerie, but it can be made of a variety of fabrics. Leather and velvet are popular choices for those looking to go against the grain. Cotton and other more 'comfortable' fabrics have made a recent appearance to cater to women with "discomfort phobia." Lycra, a stretchy material related to spandex, is popular among men's lingerie is popular among men's lingerie and increasingly with women's bodysuits.

As the quality of it continues to increase, cheap lingerie isn't just for the financially burdened. As many a cheapskate has said, why spend a fortune to buy the name brand, when you can get a knockoff for half the price ? Purchasing lingerie on clearance can be a great investment, if buyers are willing to accept the imperfections. Trying a piece of lingerie on before buying can keep sizing mistakes from becoming an issue. And a simple inspection of the hems and fabric will minimize any chance of getting a piece that will have to be donated to Goodwill.

by: Jason Mark Hulott


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