Get My Exboyfriend Back Without Forgoing My Pride And Dignity ™

"How do I get my ex boyfriend back without begging him ?" Whether you have just broken up or have already broken up for a period of time, this may be the question that you want to ask yourself if you still want to get your ex boyfriend back.

First, there is one very important psychological principle that you want to know. You want to make use of this principle to help you get back your boyfriend without forgoing your pride and dignity. It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, adult or children, rich or poor. This principle works for everyone.

"People want what they do not have." If people do not have something or can't get something easily, it will increase their desire to have it.

It is just like when you don't have enough money, you will want it badly. But when you know you can have all the money in the world easily, you will no longer desire it as much.

This is the same in a relationship. You don't want to beg your ex boyfriend to come back to you. You don't want to call him or text messaged him several times per day even though he may be ignoring you.

By doing that, you are violating that principle. You are showing him that he can easily get you anytime. So, he will not treasure you. You also do not want to show him that you are needy.

So, what you want to do instead is to work on yourself. To improve yourself so that you can eventually attract him back.

You want to show him that you can continue to live happily with or without him. You may want to work on different areas of your life. You can try to work on your health, your mind, your social skills or any other areas that require improvements.

By doing that, you will greatly increase your chances to get ex boyfriend back without forgoing your pride and dignity. When he sees the positive changes in you, he may even regret his decision to break up with you.

You might be surprised by the result. Not only can you improve your relationship when you focus on improving yourself, but you may find that the other areas of your life are improving as well. You get to keep your pride and dignity and attract him back as well. Isn't that the best of both worlds ?

by Allan Lim


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