Top 10 Reasons Why Men Have Affairs ™

The top 10 reasons why men have affairs include :

1. More sex (sometimes due to lack of sex in their relationship)

2. Sexual variety through different partners or different sexual experiences

3. Too boost their ego to feel special or still attractive to the opposite sex

4. For the thrill of the chase

5. Opportunistic sex (if the opportunity occurs, they can’t pass it up)

6. To sabotage their current relationship

7. Revenge (to get back at their partner for one reason or another)

8. A feeling of entitlement (the belief they are entitled because they work hard or are the bread winner)

9. Sexual addiction

10.To escape

There is no such thing as a perfect affair. Keeping an on-going affair is a juggling act of covering up lies, explaining time away, and dealing with associated guilt feelings. The cheater becomes consumed by guilt and sometimes lashes out even more at their partner. If you are involved in an affair, respect yourself and your partner enough to get out.


liz said…
hahaha... most of reason is "sexual oriented"... that's men act !!

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