Woman In Business vs Woman In Love ™

Ladies, in our professional lives we require certain characteristics that help us get through the day effectively and cope with the challenges of everyday business.

The modern "business" woman therefore has adapted many, formally considered "manly", attitudes: She is well-educated, confident, enduring, independent, tough, controlled etc etc. Which is great.

Just one thing: When it comes to love and romance, ironically it is exactly those women that seem to have the most problems establishing a successful relationship with a man. How come? you will ask.

I personally believe that these women have a dilemma: The powerful attitude they are used to displaying in their professional life is exactly what handicaps the private relationship with a man.

Whether they admit it or not, guys are often times repelled or at least intimidated by a woman's s obvious strength, which they then classify as dominance. I've seen that many times.

And it even happens to very attractive, feminine looking ladies. After all, we should not forget:

A man in general has a natural instinct to protect and nurture. He want to provide. Don't blame him. That's what makes him tick. And many times he will not even be aware of it.

Now, does that mean we have to go back to the stone age? Does a woman, in order to have a successful, happy relationship have to choose between love and career?

No, by no means.

What I think a woman in this situation should do is to simply become aware of how her attitude influences him and to make him feel "manly" by giving him the chance to take care of you whenever you need it. Admit some weaknesses. Make it obvious to him that, in spite of your success, you are still a female and even you need a strong shoulder to lean on every now and then. Trust me, your man will be glad you did.

So enjoy it and allow yourself to be a woman - at least once in a while.. It works! ;)

by Christina Zottnick


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