Are You A Juicy Woman: 10 Juicy Morsels to Getting Healthy™

By taking steps to get healthier and become more active, you are definitely in the Juicy circle. Girl, you are so savvy realizing the importance of caring for yourself. You know that without taking care of yourself you won’t have the energy to enjoy anything in life. Yes. You are most definitely a Juicy Woman.

Add these 10 yummy little tidbits of wisdom to your daily health regimen consistently and you are guaranteed to feel better about yourself, get healthier, look sexier and live longer. Stir these gently into your day to add more joy, fun, frivolity and confidence as you prepare to take the biggest bite out of each day and add juice to your life by living outside of the box. As a young girl, you didn’t color in the lines you just filled the page with color. Do the same with your life. Live juicy.

The whole object of these is to have more fun, be more loving, laugh and relax on your journey to getting healthier. Use these in combination when your eating program is going straight to hell. Remember willpower is not meant to be used over the long term. Use them individually or combine them for a power packed energy boost to regenerate your motivation and get you feeling great about how wonderful you really are!

You can pull these out and use these when you need to re-group and get back in the game. They represent the tip of the iceberg and are a must for any woman who wants to consider herself a juicy woman. Juicy women are everywhere. They are rich in spirit, love people and are deeply passionate about many things in life. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They are absolutely perfect in their rich diversity and unique beauty. Their juice comes from a zest for living. They are magnetic in that they are so loveable, dependable and nurturing. Juicy Women are the movers and shakers in life because they are devoted to making the world a better place. Whether they are sitting on a mountain top or running a family or corporation, they are at home in their skin.

Use these juicy tidbits are a resource when life seems to get overwhelming, the tendency is to feel frustrated, and judge yourself too harshly. Use the tips to create more opportunity to be aware of yourself and your needs. By having them, you will be more aware of the choices that you make and more in control of your own happiness.

1. BE CONSCIOUS. Become aware of what choices you are making in terms of your eating. Pay close attention to what and how much you are eating in addition to the events, people and patterns surrounding those choices. You might consider writing down what you eat in a daily journal. When you recognize patterns, you are in a better position to make small changes as necessary instead of getting on the scale one day and seeing a 10 pound gain.

2. EMBRACE THE PRESENT. Wherever you are in your journey to improve your health, recognize and acknowledge that place. Appreciate your successes and become aware of the places where you need support. Love you body regardless of its shape or size. Our feelings are invisible yet they are very powerful. If you harbor resentment toward your body, your thoughts will move you to sabotage your efforts. Take it slowly and appreciate the process. Learn how to make it fun and take a small step at a time.

3. ACT NOW. Never procrastinate. Every moment counts. Make your decisions and stick by them. If you decide that you are going to go the gym, schedule it and make sure that you do it or decide upon a reasonable substitute. Get it done now or as soon as possible. Once you make a decision, follow through and take action. Action creates momentum. When you notice that you are stuck, don’t beat yourself up, ask for help! Just keep on moving.

4. EMBRACE FEEDBACK. Recognize that the scale is just one form of feedback and it’s not always accurate. You know if you’ve been sticking to your plan. Learn how to take the grains of truth from every situation and toss out the rest. Don’t be your own worst enemy and give up! Be willing to be flexible in your approach and eager to embrace new learnings. Challenge yourself to learn from every situation. If you realize that eating Chinese Food the night before a weigh in causes you to bloat and affects your weigh in the next day, don’t do it. Make a change. Try something different next time. Focus on the mountain of possibilities rather than the restrictions.

5. USE ROLE MODELS. Speed up your success by listening to those who have blazed a trail before you. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Seek to find someone who can guide you to cultivate the health habits you seek. Make certain that they have already accomplished what you desire. Figure out what you really want and then ask for help to get it. Make sure that you are both in alignment as far as what drives them to want to stay on program. If it is fear that motivates them and you are driven to move toward your ideal, then you might want to realize that something that they are doing compels them through fear. You might not want this as part of your model and you might choose to make changes in this area and find someone who is more in line with your beliefs and motivations.

6. VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM. Take a few moments each day and allocate them as quiet time reserved just for dreaming and planning the new you. You can enjoy doing this while soaking in the bathtub, relaxing in your backyard, sitting in your favorite chair, strength training at the gym, anywhere that you feel relief from daily pressures can be the perfect place to focus on your dreams and goals. Engage as many senses as possible to create a powerful memory and anchor for your continued success. Our subconscious works on the basis of the images that we create in our minds, the more compelling the vision the more our brain will attract us to the conditions that will make its manifestation possible.

7. ACKNOWLEDGE SOMEONE TODAY. and tell them how much they mean to you. Say “Thank you.” Gratitude is the highest energy, when you are in a space of gratitude everything is possible. In that space, you attract more of what you desire and people will love to be around you. Realize that everyone wants to be appreciated. Join a community of people who are on the same journey as you. There will be a great deal of camaraderie and support in an environment that is warm and non judgmental. Acknowledge your appreciation of this by sharing your gratitude with your support buddies. People love to help others when they know that their efforts are appreciated.

8. SET A GOAL to learn something new every day. How many ways can you think of to add more value to your life by learning? It’s calorie and carb free and oh so yummy. Take a course, learn how to set up a blog, see a movie, go for a hike, read a book, teach a class, sample a new recipe, try a new workout. What‘s your pleasure? Go for it. It’s food for the soul.

9. SPEND TIME NURTURING YOURSELF, take a bubble bath, sew, paint, dance, write in a journal, read a book, go shopping, hug a tree. Enjoy being with yourself. Look at time spent alone as an opportunity not a challenge. You are wonderful. Be open to exploring all your gifts.

10. ALWAYS ADMIT TO MISTAKE. Maintain your integrity and be truthful, with and about yourself, and your abilities. When you slide and fall into patterns of overeating, forgive yourself, let go and move on. By doing so, you will inevitably like yourself more, relieve yourself of undue guilt and get back in the swing of things.€™t

by: Andrea Amador


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