Can Your Relationships Make You Sick ?™

Can Your Relationships Make You Sick ? New book explains the significance of food in the way

We develop relationships

Can what you eat on a date be the difference between lasting love, a simple friendship, or a date gone bad, and the sight of those foods and the memory of that date make you sick? Can you strengthen family bonds simply by serving a certain dish ? Can a dinner a menu help seal international peace agreements? Rone de Beauvoir says, “yes.” If you’ve ever wondered why following a meal she became irritable and mean, and he became slothful and sluggish, it could be what you’ve eaten combined with what your body has yet to release or to be more blunt, eliminate.

Several weeks have gone by and the only touching either of you have done with each other is the touching of the back and the butt while sleeping and snoring in opposite directions. Forget about the “he say,” “she say” drama, it’s time to discover what is really making you sick in your relationship.

There are many factors to take into consideration. One popular reason that many of you perhaps assumed that I was referring to is bad food in restaurants, fast food chains, or cooking food at home which was out dated. Of course these can all be a part of making you sick leading to various physical problems most of which you’ll recognize straight away when it occurs.

But many couples simply lack the knowledge of physical signs, which can be a leading cause of sickness lending itself well to that deployable feeling with some foods which is a reminder of an evening gone seriously wrong. Of course there are some people we meet that just seem to make you “sick” just at the mere sight of them. There are many things I could say about that, and perhaps I will in another article.

So for now I’d like to focus on three tips that lead to relationship sickness, or what I call “relationship constipation,” meaning your love life has come to a grinding halt, as oppose to a grinding swing with your partner.

1. ELIMINATION - Daily elimination is most important for health. It can prevent all the dreadful diseases caused by the prolonged storage of toxic wastes in the body. A special effort must be made to have at least one bowel movement a day, without straining. Over the counter laxatives should not be used as they irritate the delicate lining of the colon. Elimination should take place naturally, by means of unforced bowel movements, stimulated by a diet high in fiber and soured milk and low in processed foods. The results of switching to a high fiber diet are not instant, especially if chronic constipation and long-term use of laxatives have weakened colonic muscle tone. Elimination depends a great deal on the condition of the muscles of the colon. But as you know, muscle tone can be improved by exercise.

2. HYPOGLYCAEMIA – Fatigue, which is so prevalent in our time, is considered to be one of hypoglycemia’s major afflictions. Dr. Sam Roberts, in his book Exhaustion, estimates that at least 50 per cent of the work done in the United States is done by people who suffer from fatigue but do not think if sufficiently out of the ordinary to complain, and the same is true in our relationships. Low blood sugar may impair mental health even more than physical health, since it deprives the delicate brain and nervous system of much-needed oxygen. Hypoglycemia has a nickname known as the great “imitator” simply because it imitates so many mental and emotional disorders. As a result, many hypoglycemics are mistakenly diagnosed as neurotic. A few examples of the symptoms would be:

1. Irritability

2. Depression

3. Digestive disturbances

4. Forgetfulness

5. Unsocial, asocial or antisocial behavior

6. Indecisiveness

7. Lack of sex (females)

8. Allergies

9. Itching and crawling sensations on the skin

10. Impotence (males)

3. PROTEINS – Protein is the most plentiful substance in the body after water. In fact, the Greek word protos means ‘first’. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, not only of the muscles and tissues of the skin, as most people know, but also of hormones, enzymes, antibodies and blood. You cannot build a wall with just mortar and sand; you need bricks. The same is true with the human body. The body uses proteins like building blocks, to build up muscle and blood, skin and bone, heart and brain. Proteins build up and regenerate vital hormones such as insulin, adrenalin and thyroxine, which control weight, sexual activity and metabolism.

While there are several other factors, I decided only to focus on the above as a base in hopes that you will take the time from hip-grinding sweat-inducing sex, to seeking out what might make you sick in your relationships, whether that’s food you’re eating, or a lack of body maintenance. Hopefully you will check it out.

Remember whenever you strengthen your health and immune system through improved nutrition, you can prove the truth of the old adage: ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’€™t

by Rone de Beauvoir


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