Do Women Really Care About a Man's Penis Size ?™

Girl, do you like bigger penis ?? A man's penis size is a matter of concern for most women and at the same time for most men. It is often said that women are actually looking for a man who has a big penis and have a tendency to choose males who have bigger packages. But is this true? Does size really matter to women? Read on to discover some of the most stunning facts on whether size truly matters to women or not and put an end to the mystery

Size does matter- Well in simple plain words yes size does matter. But wait ! This does not mean that women would always prefer a man with a bigger penis. There are other things which count as well. When given a choice between a man with a big penis and a man with an average penis women would choose a man with a bigger one but other factors such as personality and a whole lot of other things come into the picture as well.

Actually no one's small- Do you know that you can make your penis appear larger right away? The thing with most guys is that they don't realize that they can make their penis appear larger within a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is to shave some of your pubic hair. Your penis would instantly look 2 inches bigger the moment you shave off all those pubes.

It has very little to do in bed- Now if you feel that a man with a bigger penis can actually provide a woman with greater stimulation in bed then you are mistaken. Women can bring themselves to an orgasm just by using their finger therefore this debate goes out of the window.€™t

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