Flowers And Their Meanings™

Everyone knows that it is customary to give a woman flowers but did you know that each flower has its own significance ?

Whether it is choosing a flower for your anniversary, or looking for the best flower to let her know that you are sorry for an argument, flowers have meanings and choosing a flower based upon its significance shows her that you are genuinely interested in her feelings and shows that you have a romantic side. So next time you choose a flower, bouquet, or even a plant choose one that is appropriate for the occasion or compliments your heartfelt apology, expresses your truest feelings of love, or compliments your fiery passion. Choosing flowers for anniversaries based upon their meanings are also a wonderful gift that any woman will welcome with open arms. Here is a list of flowers associated with anniversaries.

1st Anniversary - Pansy
2nd Anniversary - Cosmos
3rd Anniversary - Fuchsia
4th Anniversary - Geranium
5th anniversary - Daisy
6th Anniversary - Calla Lily
7th Anniversary - Jack -in -the - Pulpit
8th Anniversary - Clematis
9th Anniversary - Poppy
10th Anniversary - Daffodil
11th Anniversary - Morning Glory
12th Anniversary - Peony
13th Anniversary - Hollyhock
14th Anniversary -Dahlia
15th Anniversary - Rose
20th anniversary - Day Lily
25th Anniversary - Iris
28th Anniversary - Orchid
30th Anniversary - Sweet Pea
40th Anniversary - Nasturtium
50th Anniversary - Violet

Along with anniversaries, each flower also has its own significance. Here is a list of flowers and their meanings.

Acacia - chaste love
Ambrosia - reciprocal love
Amaryllis - pride
Anemone - forsaken
Arbutus - one true love
Aster - daintiness
Azalea - fragile passion; Chinese symbolism for womanhood
Bachelor Button - single blessedness
Begonia - beware
Bells of Ireland - good fortune or luck
Bittersweet - truth
Bluebell - humility
Cactus -endurance
Pink Camellia - longing for your love
Red Camellia - you are a flame in my heart
White Camellia - you are adorable
Carnation - woman love
Pink Carnation - I'll never forget you
Red Carnation - My heart aches for you
Purple Carnation - capriciousness
Solid Carnation - yes
Striped Carnation - Wish I could be with you, or Sorry that we are not together
White Carnation - pure love, innocence, sweet
Yellow Carnation -rejection, disappointment
Cattail - peace, prosperity
Chrysanthemum - a good friend
White Chrysanthemum - truth
Yellow Chrysanthemum - slighted love
Crocus - cheerfulness
Cyclamen - good bye
Daffodil - unrequited love
Daisy - innocence, purity
Dandelion - happiness
Fern - Confidence
Flax - domestic
Forget -Me -Not - true love
Forsythia - anticipation
Gardenia - secret love
Geranium - stupidity
Gladioli - flower of the gladiator
Gloxinia - love at first sight
Lavender Heather - admiration, solitude
White Heather - Protection
Holly - defense
Hyacinth - sports
Blue Hyacinth - constancy
Purple Hyacinth - I'm sorry, apologetic
Red or Pink Hyacinth - Play
White Hyacinth - I'm praying for you
Yellow Hyacinth - jealousy
Hydrangea - heartlessness
Iris - friendship, wisdom, valor
Ivy - fidelity, affection
Jonquil - returned affection
Pink Larkspur - fickleness
White Lily - virginity, purity
Yellow Lily - false and gay
Calla Lily - beauty
Day Lily - Chinese symbol for motherhood
Tiger Lily - Wealth
Lily of the Valley - humility
Magnolia -nobility
Marigold - Grief
Narcissus - egotism
Orange Blossom - eternal love
Orchid - Beautiful woman
Petunia - resentment, anger
Poppy - eternal sleep
Rose - love
Pink rose - perfect happiness
Red Rose - I love you
Rose without thorns - Love at first sight
White Rose - innocence, purity
White and Red Rose Mix - Unity
Yellow Rose -Jealousy
Rosebud - Beauty, youth
Red Rosebud - purity
White Rosebud - girlhood
Bouquet of Full Roses - gratitude, thanks
Single Full bloom rose - I love you
Red Tulip - Believe Me
Yellow Tulip - beautiful smile
Violet - modesty
Blue Violet - faithfulness
Zinnia - lasting affection€™t

by Ron Zvagelsky


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