How to Not Overeat™

We all like to eat. Okay we all LOVE to eat. Our bodies need food to sustain life but our country has turned into a recreational sport. Studies have shown that 6 out of 10 people in the United States are overweight.

The truth is we should enjoy eating but like all good things, we shouldn’t abuse it. Here are some tips on how to control your eating that won’t take any more extra effort than what you are doing now.

• Eat more protein. It helps you feel full and digests slowly.

• Eat more fiber. Not only will it keep you regular but it digests slowly therefore making you feel fuller longer.

• Don’t value size. Sure, economically it makes sense. I mean twice as much food for less than half a buck. More food isn’t going to make you feel better, which brings us to my next point….

Don’t fill up your plate. Studies have shown that people will eat whatever is on their plate, even if it is 10 bites after being full. Don’t let your food touch on your plate. You can even get smaller plates.

• Slow down. Stop eating your food like someone is going to take it away from you. Enjoy good conversation with others while you are eating. Put your fork down in between bites. You will find out food tastes better when you savor it and chew slowly. Here’s something most people don’t know: it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send the signal to your brain saying “I’m full.”

• When you are satisfied, stop !! Notice I didn’t say when you are full. Remember you are only eating to sustain life. You will be amazed at how little food that you need.

• Don’t eat when you are bored. How often have you opened the refrigerator or the pantry door when you just want something to do ?

• Remember small eyes are watching you. This is geared towards parents, grandparents, teachers, uncles, aunts, neighbors, okay everybody. Kids are watching everything we do. If you want to help kids become healthier set an example using the above tips.€™t

by Mike T. Smith


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