Late Night Eating and Weight Loss - Will Eating Late at Night Prevent Weight Loss ?™

In the fitness arena there exists hundreds, if not thousands of theories regarding the issue of weight gain. Not the least of which is the idea that eating late at night will cause a person to pack on pounds more quickly than if a person were to only eat during the daytime.

The logic behind this theory is that since most people are less active while sleeping, they will naturally become fat if they eat right before going to sleep. It is true that most people are less active when they sleep than they are when they are awake.

But, in order to really know the truth as to whether or not this late-night eating theory is valid, we must consider some additional information.

During sleep, the body secretes a substance called human growth hormone. Human growth hormone increases and maintains muscle mass while decreasing body fat.

So, even though the metabolism naturally slows during sleep, the HGH that is secreted during sleep is working to speed the metabolism, thus helping to burn up any additional calories that may have been consumed before sleeping.

Regardless of the HGH factor, a person cannot gain weight unless he eats more calories than his body uses on a daily basis. Whether you eat right before going to sleep or not, if you do not eat enough calories, your body will not be able to store fat, even if it wanted to. This is a law of nature, and it is impossible to change it.€™t

By Brian Gallichan


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