Reasons To Use Condoms™

A condom can be described as a contraceptive device used to physically block the ejaculated semen from making its entry into the body of the sex partner. They are primarily used at the time of a sexual intercourse.

Why should one use a condom ? Listed below are few important reasons that help in evaluating the importance and benefits associated with the use of one.

1. The most important reason to use a condom is to get protected from contracting any sexually transmitted disease and also preventing incidence of unwanted pregnancy.

2. They are an effective birth control option. The biggest advantage of condoms is that they do not cause any side effects that are associated with birth control pills. It is one of the most successful contraceptive methods when used properly.

3. Condoms are required only when one is having sex. In contrast, birth control pills are needed to be used even though one does not have sex on a particular day.

4. They are comfortable and easy to use. They are available at every retail shop and are cost-effective.

5. Another advantage of condoms is that they are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and flavors, so as to make the experience even more memorable, enjoyable and pleasurable.

It is always better to have a condom at your disposal whenever you go for a party or a date and feel the passion to have sex. There is no point in rushing to the nearest drug store when things start getting hot.

Certain people do not like the idea of participating in a sex with a condom. It is important to discuss with the partner regarding the importance of condom during a sex. This discussion should be done before having sex so as to avoid any anxiety or embarrassment.€™t

By Pauline Go


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