Tips on How to Dress For the Flat Chested™

Dressing well is all about refining the art of distraction and illusion. You get that right, and you have overall image balance. Lets admit it; breasts are a major focal point (men to the point of blindness), so if your lacking a bountiful bosom, read on.

Accept what you have. Chicken fillets, wonder bras and surgery anyone? Well you could make something out of nothing, and receive a few bonus scars for your efforts or embrace the idea of deferring the attention from your chest.

Thank goodness for celebrities. They are as varied as you and I. Clare Danes, Kate Hudson and Keira Knightly are my fellow flat chested companions and prove you can still cut it without much. Take note of what they wear.

One of the simplest features to check on a garment is whether they have any detail around the bust area i.e. pockets, buttons, or patterns. Check out each of the celebrity photos above, their stylists have all ensured that their outfits have detail around their chest area. Collars and wide lapels are good too as they draw the eye upwards towards the face, away from the empty space!

Flat chested woman can also wear double- breasted jackets and high necks (avoid if your chin has a twin) and look great, whereas on full busts these can look chunky and ruin your look.

Often, small -breasted woman have great arms, so get those short sleeved tops and singlets on and draw attention to those great lithe limbs.€™t

By Sharlene Camp


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