Top 5 Interior Decorating And Art Trends For 2008™

Pamela Smith, one of the top experts in the quickly rising field of interior redesign, discusses having the proper perspective on trends:

"Are trends merely a designer's opinion of what's in fashion, or are they important style markers that add continuity to our lives ? When asking for a definition of the word "trend," my guess is most would say it means transitory - like lava lamps and shag carpeting. However, I imagine trends as sturdier stuff, based on finding beautiful and appropriate core-enhancers for a home. Your home shouldn't be all about changing styles for change's sake. Trends are about adding in fresh pieces that solidify the layers around the core.

"Updating your home with stylish, new furnishings has never been easier. There is such a wide array of styles available you're sure to find several to suit your home's décor. Whether you prefer ultra-sophisticated, nature-inspired, Zen influence, or country cozy, each of these styles shows up as a trend in 2008. It's an effortless way to redesign."

Top Five Interior Decorating and Art Trends for 2008
Decorating your home is easier once you have decided on your art decorating style. This year's hot trends in interior decorating and design feature natural elegance coupled with striking statements. Art and wall décor are major factors in 2008 and their successful use really sets the tone and standard for the rest of a room. Follow these decorating tips to set your interior wall décor apart from the rest. You will notice trends that pair contrasting elements, colors and styles together in a way that creates a harmonious and peaceful experience.

With the Olympics being held in China this year, look for global inspirations to influence several decorating trends in 2008 including prevalent uses of Eastern, Asian and Moroccan styles. Zen inspired decoration is also prevalent in 2008 to help create a balanced and peaceful interior. Below are the top five interior decorating ideas for 2008 that are sure to help guide how you think and respond to art.

Natural Inspiration
The natural look of wood, metal and other elements found throughout nature is a huge interior decorating trend for 2008. Look for gentle greens, earthy browns, rustic silvers, brushed coppers, sky blues, golden yellows and other nature-inspired colors that will add warmth to your interior décor. Look for artwork that pairs the earth-inspired colors with a darker natural touch artwork that features soft subtle colors accented with dark, woodsy and metallic looking frames.

Contrasting Colors
Look for colors that complement each other in a distinct way. Be careful though not to go overboard with too many colors that would distract more than attract. A delicate balance provides a striking appearance. Softer hues of white and ivory contrasted with rich tones and bright accents. Think soft colors with timely bursts of flare; Asian influences will permeate the color combinations throwing in bright reds, oranges and yellows amongst the darker, softer and muted colors. Look for art trends to find a successful balance of both worlds: soft with hints of bold.

The ability to feel what you see is an important trend for interior décors in 2008. Mixing textures enhances the visual impact and adds a sense of completeness to other popular interior decorating trends for 2008. Think contrasting natural colors and textures in a way that adds luxury in a very dramatic way. Mixing traditional, ornate frames with contemporary and modern art trends is also an excellent way to enhance the harmonizing textured appearance. Look for wrapped or framed canvas artwork that enhances not only your walls but also your entire interior décor.

Simple and Sophisticated
Veer away from gaudy and overdone. Luxury no longer means more but rather simple and concise. 2008 decorating styles feature simple statements that enhance the feeling of tranquility. Creating a harmonious atmosphere that inspires peace is also a very popular trend this year. Homes and the décor used are becoming so much more than just a dwelling but should inspire a sense of sanctuary. Keep in mind, simplicity is not minimalism. Think using one word where others would use three; a sophistication of style, simple and relaxing, not cluttered and chaotic. Look for artwork that calms but is not lifeless; everything from landscapes to abstracts should gently inspire rather than confusedly complicate.

Impressive Impact
Look for wall art style trends that make one statement powerfully instead of many statements quietly. Use oversize décor in a way that makes an impact. Present one large focal point that can make a lasting impression. The proper use of impactfull pieces is a popular idea when creating a harmonious and peaceful surrounding. Using large pieces helps shifts the focus of perspective of what is typically thought of as important; it's very Zen. Look for massive art prints on canvas or framed that includes all the right accents to increase the dramatic impact the piece has on any home décor.

By Nathan Jelovich


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