Travel Hair Dryers™

No woman should leave her house on a trip abroad or locally without a great travel hair dryer in her bag. The urge to bring along that large hair dryer maybe strong, but it always proves to be just a little too bulky for travel use other than your home dresser at home or in a salon. The solution: a compact and fully functional travel hair dryer that will help you with all your styling needs no matter where you end up - as long as there is electricity of course.

Buying the perfect travel hair dryer is just as important as buying your regular hair drying tool. You have to make sure that it will offer the same comforts only at a smaller size. There is no need to skimp on your travel hair dryer! Forget the logic that because you will only be using it for a couple days tops, it has to be a regular one. Remember that even a few days of using an inferior product can damage your hair beyond repair. Below are some categories that you need to consider when buying a travel hair dryer.

Size and Storage
The main reason for buying a travel hair dryer is that you can have a hair drying tool that will fit into your suitcase without the hassle. So, if your regular hair dryer is not compact and small enough to fit into a small bag or slide easily in the corner or your luggage, then you have to ditch it for a real travel hair dryer. A good tip is to look for a product that is collapsible or one that has a handle that can be folded in to the main body. Also look for something that is lightweight and preferably something that is very quite.

You should at least try to purchase a travel hair dryer that has most of the features that your regular hair dryer has. This is something that is easier to do year after year. Today, manufacturers are getting wiser and are producing travel size versions of their own standard driers. Travel dryers that incorporate ceramic and ionic technology are now readily available in the market. You can also get travel dryers that have more than the ON and OFF setting so that you can choose how hot you want the air to be. Airflow design is also getting better and you can now get the most from your compact travel hair dryer as with the regular size ones.

No matter what type of travel hair dryer you choose, keep it mind that not only does it have to be compact, it also has to meet your power and heat demands and yet be able to keep your hair healthy all at the same time.

By: Robert Rosbito


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