6 Must Read Tips on Fashion Flare For Your Next Company Picnic™

1. Your style and what you wear are important, but the first thing you need to put on before going to a company picnic in Los Angles is sunscreen! You may be able to trade trends from season to season, but we are all pretty much stuck with our skin. So protect yourself and rub on that sunscreen. I recommend Ocean Potion. Remarkably, this is an unusually inexpensive sun block that not only works incredibly well, it isn't greasy, it smells fantastic and it's the only sun block that will not burn you or your baby's eyes. It has UVA1, UVA2, UVB protection and it comes with Parsol 1789 to protect against premature aging. It's water and sweat resistant and goes all the way up to SPF 50. The best news is that you can most likely pick up Ocean Potion at Rite Aide for a mild $3.99 a bottle.

2. Whether your next company picnic in Los Angeles is at the beach or inland board shorts are great for both sexes. So girls, don't be afraid to wear them with a smile. Val Surf in Studio City has a great selection.

3. When you're ready to take off your shorts and go swimming, check out swimoutlet.com. They have a fantastic swimwear selection that can't be beat. The boy shorts for girls are sexy, extremely comfy and come in great prints. It's a nice alternative to the bikini girls! If you're thinking of going a little wild, stay away from the animal prints as they are out, but floral is in.

4. If you're thinking about showing up to your company picnic in Los Angeles in a new pair of shades, consider Oakley's RAZRWIR blue tooth enabled sunglasses starting at $125.00 a pair. You can talk hands free and look cool at the same time. These are also a must for all Californians. If you didn't already know it, as of next month if you aren't hands free in your car, you will be showing up at your Los Angeles company picnic with a hefty traffic ticket in hand. There's no cheap way out of this trend. You will pay, one way or another.

5. We all know how important shoes are. You want to be comfortable if you're going to a company picnic in Los Angeles. If you're a guy, check out Ed Hardy's latest designs in footwear for the summer. Why look corporate when you can look like a rock star in the sexiest low-rise sneakers and flip-flops anywhere? You can go for the knock-offs at some of the outlet stores, but check out www.donedhardy.com for ideas. If you're a girl looking to spice things up then check out footcandyshoes.com for sexy styles from brilliant designers all over the world. Jimmy Choo has a fish flat that is purple sweet and simple, however his beige platform is risky, sexy and just begging to be harassed. Jimmy's Shoes start at $450.00 a pair, but the Victoria's Secret Online Catalog has some similar shoes starting at only $89.00.

6. Lastly and most important are hats. Hats protect you from the sun and this season's hat styles are fun and even outrageous. edenhats.en.alibaba.com has a good selection for women and Sheplers has very hip selection of cowboy hats for men. If you want to be unique then go to montanapeaks.com where you can actually custom design your own cowboy hat from felt up. sungrubbies.com has the sexy big rimmed hats for women and kids, however, the men's selection has some scary choices. Men, please stay away from the jungle flap-eared hats ... unless you want to scare everyone away. Cowboy hats are it for men. Always in style and always sexy.€™t

by Larry Klein


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