Do Women Prefer Boxers ?™

It is a moot point whether women like boxers more than their greatest rival, the brief. Boxers are, as a rule, worn by men. However, boxers are a concern of women too. Actually, boxers have become one of the hottest trends in today?s fashion world.

A high percentage of women prefer boxers as underwear because a certain degree of crankiness and weirdness is attached with them. Stylish and well designed boxers enhance the actual body shape of the wearer. Mainly two types of fabrics, silk and soft cotton, are used to design women boxers. Boxers are mostly used by women as regular underwear. They are also used as casual wear inside homes. You see women flaunting boxers in gyms and at water sports also. Some middle aged women prefer boxers since they allow more freedom of movement for their daily activities than conventional briefs. Boxers help them better cover their obesity. Boxers protect your genitals better than briefs.

Boxers are looser than other undergarments. The greatest advantage of boxers is that they can be tailored to suit your measurements, unlike briefs that come with factory-made measurements.

As a socially appreciated undergarment, women mostly prefer boxers to other types of undergarments for their boyfriend or husband on certain occasions. On dating occasions, some women care about the dress code and prefer boxers for their partner. Studies reveal that around 60 percent of American women prefer boxers for their partners. According to a survey conducted by Cargo magazine to find out what women really want, 94 % of women prefer boxers on their men to other types of underwear. Boxers are more photogenic, appear like large cloths, sexually less aggressive, and comfortable for any person who prefers loose underwear. It is no wonder that boxers are the rage among many modern women.€™t

by Josh Riverside


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