Give Me a List of Hobbies !!™

Give me a list of hobbies, I want to fulfill my creative needs. Is that you ?

Are you an artist inside trying to find your way outside of that confined box that says you have to have special rules before you can imagine yourself creating art ? It seems the story of the week positive thinking is everywhere. Consider that of course as you find that list of hobbies. Next define it as just playing and your approach to having a good time. 10 tips for positive thinking might line up as being all the different facets of art that you can imagine. Maybe you don't need positive thinking hypnosis cds, you just need a feeling of playfulness and a bunch of artists tools and mediums. That is a good reason to have lots of different toys and hobbies, it brings back the kid in you.

What makes you feel happy, sad, or inspired? We are all very complex and what inspires us one day may not the next. Positive thinking can get brushed aside. We as artists, and I include you in that, get frustrated sometimes.

Why did it work yesterday and not today? UG huh?

We hope for a magic formula. Is there one? Kind of I guess. It is different in all of us, so we all have to find those special things for ourselves. The one thing it all has in common though is that feeling of playfulness.

Music.. for one does a whole lot to inspire. You can dance to it and be active or you can just sit back and listen. The The positive thoughts music bring are endless of course.

Writing, I write constantly; poems; thoughts,; a journal; stories. Writing a story or poem lends to all kinds of illustrative ideas, try it.

Nature, one single leaf, if you pick it up and really look at carefully, is sooo amazing! So much more amazing are WE! How it that for keeping positive? You can dry leaves, put them in a journal or even slip one in your pocket to remind you of everyday miracles.

Look for color. I used to paint without using a lot of color.. then a friend talked to me about color and it must have been a perfect day for hearing, because I just started adding color like crazy after that. I squeeze out every color I have and try to use them all in a painting, even if it is just a tiny spot. Colors are amazing.

Matisse said to 'Feel the colors"

Rest in the knowledge that if you feel a desire to be artistic or creative? You are! I believe that 'Desire is talent and the rest is practice'. So practice! We are born with a 'desire' to create, but we must put in some effort, it doesn't just happen.

Draw constantly and create your instincts. Be a Leonardo da Vinci and take a sketchbook with you EVERYWHERE. Anytime you have even 3 minutes, draw! Draw anything at all.. your toe, a leaf, anything.

Be curious, another tip from the master da Vinci. Ask questions.

Feel the day and realize how special you are to be alive in it. Google, give me a list of hobbies, write your own 10 tips for positive thinking plan and you will be on your way to developing everything you need to understand all that creative energy that often gets missed.€™t

by Kathy Ostman Magnusen


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