Is There a Special Vitamin Supplement For a Woman ?™

Women have special health needs at different stages of our lives. We may need a specific vitamin supplement for a woman at one stage of our life and need something completely different at another period. Doctors often prescribe vitamin and iron supplements for a woman who is expecting. If she does, take them as directed and do not alter the dose. While a lack of a particular vitamin can cause deficiencies, too much can result in toxicity.

When a vitamin supplement for a woman is recommended or prescribed it is because it contains the specific vitamin or vitamins a woman’s body needs. Your doctor will take into the account the amount of calcium and other nutrients that you need on a daily basis and make his recommendation.

You should familiarize yourself with the different vitamins and their role in your health. You want to know in what foods you can get certain vitamins and how much of each of the vitamins that your body needs. If you are taking a vitamin supplement for a woman because you are pregnant, you’ll want to investigate whether or not you’ll need one after you give birth.

If you have a disease or a condition that dictates you take a special vitamin supplement for a woman it may be something you always have to deal with. Your doctor can certainly advise you on this. However, in most cases, pregnancy notwithstanding, you should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from a balanced diet. Your doctor can do a simple blood test to check the levels of certain vitamins in your system and whether or not you are deficient.

It is important to note that vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble. An excess amount of these vitamins are stored either in fatty tissue or the liver until needed. Because of this, toxicity can occur if too many vitamins are taken. While that rarely happens when we get our vitamins solely from the foods we eat, it can and does happen when we combine too many vitamin supplements with our diets. Discuss this with your doctor if you think you need a vitamin supplement for a woman.

Once you realize the different roles vitamins and minerals play in our overall health, it’s actually fun to keep up with the amount we are ingesting, either through the foods we eat or through supplements. In doing so, you will most likely find that your overall diet improves and the need for any additional supplements will be minimal.€™t

by Beverly Taylor


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