Knowing the Causes of Low Libido in Women™

There are many causes of low libido in women. Many would think that it can only be attributed to a few and simple things, however, contrary to what women might already know now lowering of the libido can sprout from mere boredom to more serious medical conditions.

Research has shown that the loss of a woman's sex drive can be categorized into three different groups: emotional conditions, physical conditions, and medical conditions.

The first is perhaps the most common cause of the lowered libido in women. If you are under stress, have a poor perception of yourself, anxious or depressed you will not be easily aroused, hence a lowered libido.

Other causes of low libido in women can be attributed to physical conditions. These physical conditions pertain to any sexual problem the woman might have. Sexual problems can range from painful intercourse to vaginal dryness.

These experiences alone can discourage any woman from being aroused. Other physical conditions that can affect a woman's libido are recent childbirth or lactation.

Medical conditions are also one of the causes of low libido in women. Usually any medical condition that affects a woman's endocrine or hormone-producing organs can affect her libido.

Hormonal conditions such as menopause can affect a woman's libido, lowering it in many numbers of cases. Pregnancy can also cause a hormonal imbalance at one point during the trimesters that can significantly lower a woman's libido.

Don't let these factors take you and a great sex life down. Little do you know that there are amazing products out there geared towards giving a solution to your problems. Yes, female libido enhancers are the most effective solution to your problem.

by Bernice L


Cybelle Johnson said…
Low libido problems can stem from medical conditions which are out of your hands. You need to speak frankly and openly with your medical doctor who can aid in developing a treatment plan to address this issue. You must see a doctor for an immediate action and to cure that problem.

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