Tattoo Design Ideas For Women™

Finding quality tattoo design ideas can be a pain, I know, but finding artwork that fits online does not have to be hard anymore. These female tips on designs, along with easy ways to get to the good stuff on the internet should get you well on your way.

The first thing you need to remember is that you do not need to settle for a Google search, or content from some generic website with tattoo design ideas for women. As a female, you want your ultimate choices to stand out for all of the right reasons. These websites are filled with generic artwork that has been plastered all over the internet already. Who knows how many other women have those designs inked on their skin already anyway? Selecting those tattoo design ideas for women is not something you want to do.

Another thing about settling for those websites is that a lot of the artwork is not actually meant to be implemented as a tattoo. Sure, you may find some decent design there, but the artist that happened to draw it does not know what it takes to draw something that will look good once implemented as tattoos. While the artist might be good at what they do, which is draw, they don't know how to draw something that will look good once made into a real life tattoo. This is especially crucial when choosing tattoo design ideas for women, because I have seen it first hand from so many friends and acquaintances.

How, onto a few great choices for women...

New School Designs - As a female, you have no doubt seen this style all over the place and not even known it. This is the new school version of old sailor type tattoos. Included in this category are anchors and swallows. Artists have found amazing ways to implement this classic design on females on the neck area, wrist and body. Many places have great tattoo design ideas for women in this category in 2008.

Japanese Kanji Tattoos - In the past, a lot of the artwork In this category was on the "full sleeve" crowd. Women have huge, flowing pieces of art on their shoulders, arms and back with Kanji styles. The good news is that many artists can now implement scaled down versions of this awesome style without having to go the full sleeve route. As you may know, the most famous style in this category happens to be the Koi fish. Tattoo design ideas for women in this particular style are pretty endless.

Floral and Heart Designs - These tattoos have been around for generations, but tattoo design ideas in this category are coming back to life. Gone are the days of getting generic flowers or heart arrangements and in are the days of using them to be incorporated into a large design. I have found so many amazing styles for this arrangement through the use of internet forums, which brings me to my next point...

Internet forums are an amazing place, which can be used to find tons of information on any given subject especially for women looking for designs and ideas. I have found this especially true when trying to find websites with original artwork that has not been plastered all over the internet already, and art that is made by artists who know what they are doing. Remember, people love to brag when they find a hidden treasure, such as a quality websites that has tattoo design ideas for women and including the actual artwork that they can keep. This holds especially true for women looking for tattoos. There is not better way for these folks to spread the word to females looking for the same thing that by using a forum and you can reap the benefits.

Finding the perfect tattoo design ideas for women has never been easier with that information, so go ahead and get the original artwork that you have always wanted online.€™t

by Adam Woodham


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