What Does A Female Orgasm Feel Like, Is It Real ?™

Ideally, sex should be enjoyed by both parties. It is always a great feeling to know that both the man and woman have enjoyed the sexual encounter.

Unfortunately, certain male and female sexual dysfunctions prevent a couple from experiencing sex as it is meant to be experienced. The saddest thing that a woman could ask herself is what does a female orgasm feel like ? This only proves that she has not been sexually satisfied.

To be deprived of such an experience can certainly be disappointing on the part of the woman, and to deprive a woman of such can be the ultimate frustration of any man.

For a man, it is important to know what does a female orgasm feel like, because this will serve as a guide for him to see if he has done all the right things to keep his woman sexually satisfied and begging for more.

Obviously, you never ask a woman point blank, "what does a female orgasm feel like ?" Now that can be totally insulting! Instead, you only have to watch for the following signs.

The woman may cry after reaching orgasm. Crying indicates that a woman is so happy she can't help getting all emotional. A woman, too, may fall asleep or her legs may feel wobbly after an orgasmic experience.

Another sure sign that she can't get over the experience is when she hugs you close, or if she can't stop sharing with you her thoughts and feelings about your sexual encounter.

Lastly, if she smiles rather mysteriously, it is definite that she has thoroughly enjoyed the sexual experience. Actions speak louder than words, so make no mistake of asking your partner "what does a female orgasm feel like ?"

To keep your woman asking for more sex, there are sex enhancing products that she can use, like Provestra, Vigorelle, and HerSolution pills. These products are effective in bringing out the animal in your partner, so do not be surprised if she starts craving for sex as soon as she uses these.€™t

by Bernice L


jason said…
Have some experience since my wife did this a lot when she was pregnant. I thought she was peeing but I finally did enough research to determine she was having a female ejaculation. I too was turned on by it and liked it when she would have them. It wouldn't produce an odor at first but after a day or so it did smell a bit.

We always handled the issue with towels. I understand there are certain waterproof sheets that you can purchase that work well. You still put the towel down and if things leak through the towel it won't soak into the sheets.
Anonymous said…
I read a book on the female ejaculation theory and the author claims that 90% of all women are capable of having one but only about 30% actually ever get there. There are two things a woman must have to achieve a female ejaculation. First they must have g-spot stimulation. Second they must be able to get over the feeling that they are about to urinate. So that is why your ex never had the experience until several years into your relationship. When she felt the urge to urinate - she of course tensed up and held it back so not to have an accident. Once she became more comfortable with you and her sex life she relaxed more and let it go. The one thing women need to remember is that it is virtually impossible to urinate when having an orgasm. So when the "need to pee" feeling comes when she is close to orgasm she needs to relax and let it happen. It's not easy but it eventually will happen.

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