What French Women Know About Fashion And You Don't™

French women are known far and wide for being fashion minded individuals who are always in style! If you find yourself looking greedily at these women, wanting to know all their fashion secrets, look no further. With this fashion information in mind, you can begin the process of striving to create the best outfit that best represents your tastes and your body type. Look at updating your wardrobe using these French secrets of high fashion so that you will be able to seamlessly create a garment collection that seamlessly transfers from season to season.

Choosing classic pieces for your wardrobe made easy

When creating your wardrobe, look at purchasing classic pieces that will translate easily through each season. Choose pieces that are both classic in color, shape, and style. Furthermore, choose pieces to add to your wardrobe that are made of quality materials that are sure to last you many seasons of use. Investing a little more money up front will allow you to enjoy quality pieces that will last for years if cared for in the proper manner.

Accessorizing is everything

You can create any number of unique outfits simply by using a variety of accessories. Add a colorful pin as a button on a wrap shirt or sweater to add interest in a unique and unusual place. A simple silk scarf can serve as a host of accessories. Use a scarf to add interest around your neck as a choker or thread it through your belt loops to serve as a belt. Incorporate your scarf into your hairstyle and use it as a headband or use a scarf to tie back your hair into a chic ponytail. Also, use belts or jewelry to customize a look.

Mask bad hair days with a great hat – Here’s how

On those days when your hair is simply not listening to directions and chooses to stand on end, consider topping your outfit with a great hat. Whether you finish your outfit with a jaunty beret or a great fedora cocked to one side, a hat is the perfect way to showcase your personality as well as finish off an outfit.

Using these secrets that allow French women to look classic and beautiful every day, create your own personal style. This is especially important for travelling, as these secrets will allow you to travel lightly and compactly without having to compromise on your look or the quality of your outfit.€™t

by Bridget Allen


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