3 Essential Watches For Women™

Every woman should have more than 1 pair of shoes. Likewise, every woman could use several watches. A different watch in terms of style and function is needed for the different areas in her life.

Although we cover only 3 watches here, these are the bare minimum. Yes, you could wear a dress watch to work, to a formal dinner, hiking, travelling and to the gym, but honestly, would it look right with your sweats? Is it really appropriate for hiking? What if you scratch that thousand dollar watch?

You could wear your heart rate monitor to the gym or for a hike, but how would it look with your evening gown ?

With these 3 watches, you would have the right watch for every occasion.

1 . The Fitness Watch or Casual Watch

On your off days, when you work out, get groceries or go for a walk,
gym watches are your best bet. Casual enough for everyday use, fun functions to impress friends with, a gym watch functions as your personal trainer to boot. These watches are more casual. You can wear them for a hike, when you do your groceries and so forth. It looks great with sweats, pants, jeans and casual clothes as well as with sportswear.

2. Office Watch or Career Watch

For business, in the office, go for a watch by Raymond Weil or one by Omega. A Rolex is popular with businessmen as it reeks of success. Such watches go brilliantly with your power suit.

3. Formal Dress Watch

When you want to look more feminine, or for times of romance, go for an elegant dress watch. Roberto Cavalli watches are stunning dress watches for the occasions when a couture gown may be appropriate. Even if you can't afford such a gown, a stunning watch like one of these would make your formal gowns look even more magnificent. Wear this with your little black dress and your dressier clothes. These would look gorgeous with your party dresses.€™t

by Janice Wee


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