3 Great Tips For Unique Wedding Cake Toppers !™

Here are 3 tips for unique wedding cake toppers that will really get you noticed and will get you more attention and "WOW" factor for your wedding . Specifically we'll discuss all about how to show off your personality, individuality, and to get recognition on YOUR day.

1. Personality - Is Tradition Making You Boring ?

Personality for your wedding is such a difficult thing to do if you are sticking to the "traditional" way of going about things. You try and keep to the tradition of a white dress whilst the groom will have a tuxedo or suit. You'll have the ceremony, followed later in the the day with the reception. Where the focus of the day will be the all important cake.

How many hours did you spend selecting your cake? Testing different flavours ? How many designs did you look at before you decided on which one was the right one for your special day? You want it personal right? Ok, then how long did it take you to look through "unique wedding cake toppers" that were supposedly special only to you?

If you've had a look around, most wedding cake toppers are not unique and they all look the same. If you want something special for you, then you need something that will show off your personality whilst staying within the theme of weddings.

You can have a better way to show off your personality

2. Individuality - Let Your Uniqueness Tell The Story

What makes you different from everyone else ? What things do you and your partner love to do ? If you want to unique wedding cake toppers to add that "WOW" to your wedding cake on your special day, then really look at what makes you different. You can have your love of sports, love of movies, love of cartoons, love of animals, or love of cars etc made right into a theme that will make unique wedding cake toppers special to you only.

3. Recognition - Being Noticed For What You Are

This will probably be one of the most important tips for unique wedding cake toppers. For most people having a wedding and putting on a reception it is all about the recognition of a magical bond between two people.

It's your special day, so you want people to really notice and to remember what a beautiful day it was. Add that extra "something" with your own unique wedding cake toppers. You want to be unique and you want to be remembered. The whole event is a reflection of you and your partner and your life-long commitment to each other. What a great way to do that by getting unique wedding cake toppers that will be great at the reception AND great as keepsakes AFTER the wedding, consider custom figurines - where figurines are like you, just smaller !€™t

by Mark Choy


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