3 Tricks For Women to Lose Body Fat™

Women hold more body fat then men. It's true and there's nothing we can do about it except take some different and unique approaches to dropping bodyfat. Women make just 3 mistakes when it comes to losing body fat but luckily we can correct them in a few simple steps.
Most women perform too much cardio and not enough weight training. Cardio is great for losing bodyfat but it shouldn't be the primary method of fat loss. Metabolism is controlled by the amount of lean muscle that one carries. So if we are doing too much cardio, we'll make ourselves a smaller less efficient version of ourselves. This happens to most women who then end up doing more cardio and keeping themselves in the fat loss plateau cycle.

Another reason why women can't lose body fat is because they don't perform enough intervals followed by a slow cool down. Recent research has shown us that women can move fat from their upper body and place it on their thighs by only doing one method of cardio. Intervals are really good for getting fat out of their hiding places but it isn't as good for burning fat as jogging is so women who are looking to lose bodyfat should do both.

Lastly, women have a decreased ability to handle carbohydrates. Notice how most men can just eat pizza, burgers and fries and seemly never get fat? Well women end up storing those foods as body fat. Because they can't handle carbohydrates the same way that men can. So what's a woman who is looking to drop body fat to do? For starters women must consume more protein. Protein is not only essential for building lean muscle but protein will also help you stay full longer so you don't pick on comfort foods. Another tip for women looking to drop bodyfat is to eat more healthy fats like almonds, almond butter or peanut butter. Our bodies will actually retain fat if it senses that we don't have enough fat coming in.

Following these three tips will help any women drop body fat.€™t

by Jimmy Smith


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