Accessories for Spring 2008™

With spring around the corner, what are the fashion trends in accessories for 2008? There are lots of fun, chic looks to choose from.

The best part is that you can update your accessories for very little money, and still project a polished image for work or evening.

1. Flower power is back, in everything from print blouses to dresses and skirts. But you don't have to fall into the flower power pit, especially for business wear.

How to wear it: Look for small accents in your accessories. Flower jewelry such as brooches are a fun way to perk up a simple jacket. Scarves are big, and a flower scarf can jazz up a simple outfit. Keep the look simple by adding one flower piece, not a riot of flowers, especially for the workplace.

2. Shoes: this year you'll see everything from gladiator sandals to platform wedges.

How to wear them: For the office, stay away from the extremes. High platforms or extreme gladiators are great for weekend wear, but detract from a business like look by day.

Look for the more moderate versions of each style. And always tailor the look to your industry and company culture.

3. Colored bags and shoes: Crayon colors in bags and shoes are popping up everywhere, in bright yellow, pink, green, blue and grape. Colorful bags jump off the shelves in bold clutches or large totes.

How to wear it: Crayon colors remind us of kindergarten, so choose your accessories carefully. Make sure your yellow or green bag has a structured shape if you want to wear it to work. If you work in a conservative industry, stick to classic colors for client meetings. Reserve your crayon brights for casual days at the office.€™t

by Lynda Goldman


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