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The Bodybuilding Diet
You need to start doing a bodybuilding diet, instead of the diet accepted by society. They just don't mix. Breakfast, lunch and dinner just don't cut it. You need to start eating smaller meals, more often. I follow the rule of every 2-3hrs. This way, my body gets a constant flow of nutrients in, so my body is in the position to constantly repair muscle tissue. When you're eating only a few meals a day, your body has significant amounts of time where it is not in the position to build muscle tissue. That is just lost potential.

The evening poses the biggest problem because you're going to be sleeping longer than 2-3hrs. The solution for this is to eat a combination of protein and fat before you goto bed. Fat is very hard for the digestive system to go through. This means the digestive process gets prolonged throughout the night, leaving you with a consistent flow of protein to repair muscles.

You can't skimp on this. This is too important. Lack of sleep will result in less muscle and even stifle fat loss. You can't afford to do this. You need to dedicate at a minimum 8 hours a night for sleep. If you don't, you're just losing out on potential muscle building.€™t

by Elle Nash


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