Pine Wood Furniture is the Most Elegant Furniture™

Pine trees could be the most abundant tree species in the world. Using and patronizing pine wood furniture is environmentally sustainable because it does not threaten the extinction of this species. Some companies manufacturing it label themselves as "Carbon Neutral" because they support and maintain tree plantations that help absorb ozone-depleting gases.

Pines are endemic in the northern hemisphere and the tropical regions just above the equator. Nevertheless, some pine trees are found across the border of the southern hemisphere, specifically in Sumatra. Today, pine trees have become an invasive species in the southern hemisphere after massive plantations are established in the Latin America region, in Africa, and down beyond the equator until New Zealand and the Australian continent.

A pine tree could grow as tall as 80 meters (average is 15-45 meters height) and could live in thousands of years. The oldest known standing tree is the Pinus longaeva, popularly known as the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, found in Utah and eastern California. Scientist estimated that one of these trees, codename "Methuselah", is probably 4,700 years old and maybe the longest living creature in the face of the planet today.

Solid pine is high on demand because it could be used in a wide variety of furniture styles. It could be shaped in variety of forms and engraved intricately due to its fine and soft grain. Pinewood needs kiln drying to avoid warping and splitting, a normal tendency when exposed to severe temperature change. It is also a soft wood and thus vulnerable to scratches. That is why pinewood products are varnish-coated or waxed to protect its delicate surface.

Color, texture and grain of pinewood are highly diverse. It is almost impossible to find an exact match of wood color and pattern even if these are taken from two standing trees that grew side by side. As the tree gets older, the color of its wood turns deeper.

Utility and Design

Typically, furniture made of pinewood are beds, headboards, dress cabinets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, chairs, open shelves, office desks, computer tables and other general use cabinets and shelves.

Traditional and antique-finished pinewood furniture is elegant in look but reasonable priced. Because Mexico is host of the largest diversity of the pine genus, Mexican rustic pinewood furniture is traditionally exported to the United Kingdom. This country style finished pinewood by Segusino, an established furniture brand catering to UK clients.

A technique known as "staining" is employed to create a worn look for country- style finished furniture. This is done by painting a substance to create a light, medium or dark look. Traditional designs prefer a darker shade and lesser sheen.

Care and Maintenance

To repair scratches in pine wood furniture, the surface of the damage area must be cleaned with damp cloth before removing the scratch using fine-grained sandpaper. Application of a little amount of white spirit in the periphery of the scratched surface before finally waxing to finish makes the stain blend as if there is no damage done. Buffing completes the repair procedure Solid wax prevents penetration of moisture in the pinewood. This prevents the occurrence of breaks and splitting of the nailed joints, a natural tendency in a pinewood material. Sealing in the joints with wood wax prolongs the life of the furniture.€™t

by John Alford


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