Tips For a Successful Tented Wedding at Home™

Many brides have dreamed their whole lives about getting married in their parents' backyard. There is something just so special about having your wedding at the house where you grew up. It adds a whole layer of new memories to the place where you feel most at home.

Many brides also think that having a wedding at home will be more affordable than at a country club or other venue. Actually, the opposite is usually true, because you have to rent or purchase each and every thing at your wedding, whereas venues will provide you with many of the basics, such as china and linens. You may find having a wedding planner to coordinate the many details to be an invaluable investment.

One of the biggest (in size and price) items at a backyard wedding is the tent. Unless your guest list is very small, you really must have one. Of course you will need it in case of rain, but you also need it in case of sun to protect your guests. Although it adds considerably to the cost, when you order your tent, definitely get the floor too. It will provide you a dance floor, and even more importantly, if it rains in the days before your wedding, having a floor means that your reception will not be held in a mud pit.

It is something that no one really enjoys thinking about, but the portable restrooms are another very important element at an outdoor wedding. You certainly cannot have a hundred people traipsing through your house looking for the powder room, so you will have to have one brought to your backyard. Splurge and get the kind that are like little trailers - they are infinitely more pleasant than the porta-potties found on construction sites. You can spruce them up with scented candles, bouquets of flowers, and baskets of little toiletries for your guests.

Decorations take on extra importance when your wedding is held in a tent. You may have a beautifully landscaped yard, but the tent itself starts out as a blank canvas. This is your opportunity to be really creative with the décor. In addition to the usual centerpieces, you will want to camouflage the tent posts, either by swathing them with luscious fabrics or by renting potted trees. You can create spectacular effects by draping sheer colorful fabrics and tiny white lights under the ceiling of the tent.

A wedding in a tent can really be as formal or casual as you like, so you are free to choose your gown and attendants' dresses accordingly. Your bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry can be as elaborate or simple as your taste and budget allow. (It is nice if you have custom bridesmaid jewelry made that is similar to your bridal jewelry set, perhaps in a color to match your girls' dresses.) In fact, you really have the option to let your choice of wedding gown determine how opulent you want the reception décor to be, when usually it is the other way around.

Having your wedding under a tent in your own backyard gives you total flexibility in the details that you choose. Unlike at other sites, no one will hand you a list of approved vendors, nor do you have to work around someone else's schedule or style. A tented wedding at home can be a wonderful way to bring your vision of the perfect wedding to life.€™t

by Laura Firenze


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