Tips On How To Buy A Down Comforter™

A down comforter is one of those items that can turn any bedroom from something ordinary into something very warm and inviting. Not only will they keep you nice and warm on a cold night, but a comforter will also add color to any room decor.

Since a down comforter is not a small expense it's good to know how to buy a down comforter before making any purchase. Here are some quick tips to help in knowing what to keep in mind.

How warm do you want to be?

Do you sleep with extra blankets on the bed ? Or, are you someone who easily gets hot under too many covers ?

This is important to keep in mind because you will find down comforters in all types of different fills. You wouldn't want a thick, heavy comforter if you rarely sleep under heavy blankets.

What is your budget?

Comforters are available in all price ranges. You can find a high end hypoallergenic goose down comforter to a more modestly priced polyester filled down comforter. Of course, the higher the quality, the longer it will last. Shop around and you may find a higher quality down comforter on sale that will fit your budget.

What size do you need ?

Even though you may have a queen sized bed you should still take precise measurements. You will find that some comforters will be packaged as a Full/Queen combination. When you get home with it and put it on your bed you can easily find it to be too short.

What is the thread count ?

The higher the thread count the better the quality. A thread count over 250 is much better than one in the 100's.

Do you want contrasting patterns ?

You can find down comforters with a darker pattern on one side and a lighter pattern on the other. This gives you the ability to change for the seasons of the year or for various color schemes in your bedroom without buying a second comforter.

These tips can help in knowing how to buy a down comforter and making a good choice. Take your time and look for sales. The perfect down comforter is just waiting for you.€™t

by Terry Edwards


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