Where Can Single Women Find Quality Men ?™

The decades may change but the song remains the same, women are forever lamenting that 'all of the good ones are taken'. They are, of course, referring to men, and the common complaint is that there is just no good place to meet quality men. We have a few ideas that suggest otherwise!

One great place to meet men is your local sports team's events. If you are athletic-minded, you can join an intramural sports league of your choice and be sure to meet other active individuals who share your interest. A volleyball or softball league will last a good few months and give you ample opportunity to get to know some great guys who are also into the sport of your choice! Many times after games, the members of the league go out for beer or wings after the games and this socializing can't hurt your chances of meeting a great date either. Sign up for a league, join a team, and take the step to get to know your great men in the community! Sometimes women are gun-shy about meeting men at the gym, but it too can be a great place for new beginnings. If you are at all faithful with your workouts, chances are you are there at least a few times a week and see the same faces. If you are, and if any of those faces (or bodies!) interest you, send a smile his way or make sure you need to 'work in' to the machines he is using and incorporate the same equipment into your workout. You can have a brief and friendly conversation without interrupting his routine.

If you're not the sports type, there are still a number of community groups or activities in which you can take part and you may be lucky enough to meet a great guy. Do you like acting? Take up an acting class, or try out for a part in a play at your local playhouse. You will have the opportunity to explore a fun, dramatic side of yourself and get a good look inside others' personalities at the same time. This is a fun way to check someone out without them knowing you're checking them out! Of course, if acting is a bit too scary for you or it's just not your thing, you can sign up for a dance class, a painting class, or yoga class instead. Any interest you have, really, can be transformed into a good excuse to reach out and meet someone new.

If you have children from a previous relationship, a good place to find like-minded people is at your child's play group. A "Mommy and Me" class, or your child's local swimming class or gym class can be a great place to meet up with single dads who obviously have something very important in common with you, they have children too! Usually, these classes meet at least once weekly for a period of months, which gives you plenty of time to get to know the prospective date. With these kinds of meet-ups, you can also rest assured that if something should spark, the prospective date knows that you have children and is accepting of that. It's great to know from the start that you have such a special common interest.

If you have a spiritual side, your church or synagogue can be a wonderful meeting place. Often, there are retreats that take place for weekends of spiritual reflection where you can really get to know the person in-depth in a short amount of time. Sometimes, your place of worship will offer singles mixers or dances as well. Even if it does not or you are not inclined to take advantage of a weekend-long event, you can certainly check out the same guy each Saturday night or Sunday morning from afar; there is nothing wrong with it! Perhaps after the service, if you have a coffee hour, you can strike up a conversation then. A similar way to meet men that is also altruistic is through a program your church or synagogue may sponsor. Programs like Habitat for Humanity, or the United Way, often have goings-on that not only do a great amount of good for mankind but allow you to meet other people who are kind and have a sense of community.

It can be tough to meet men; there is no doubt about it. However, you don't have to resort to the bars and nightclubs to meet quality guys. They can be right in your back yard and you don't even know it. All you need to do is get out there and explore your own interests, really, to find someone who shares them.€™t

by Megan Hazel


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