Women With Low Self Esteem Can Fail To Reach Their Full Potential !™

Many strong, capable women suffer from low self-esteem, which sabotages their efforts to accomplish great things. However, it is possible to take charge of your life!

One of the major problems women face when confronting their feelings of low self-esteem is the opinion of other women. Rather than supporting each others efforts, women can be cruel to one another. Gossiping and backbiting are common among female family members, friends and colleagues. If you find yourself in a situation that drains your feelings of self-worth, take positive steps. Sometimes all you need to do is discuss the matter openly. Talk with the friend who always makes cruel remarks or the coworker who constantly makes negative comments about your work. Women who act like this often suffer from low self-esteem themselves; they use this behavior to compensate for what they believe are their shortcomings. And do not fall into the same trap!

When friends or co-workers discuss other women in a negative manner, do not become part of it. You can influence the behavior of others by being a good example, and setting a good example will also help you feel better about yourself.

Most women have issues surrounding their perceptions of their physical appearance. It seems that someone is always ready to make a negative remark about a womans physical appearance, regardless of how beautiful the woman might be. Even fashion models and actresses who have been given a societal stamp of approval for their appearance have misgivings and doubts about their bodies. Instead of looking at yourself in terms of negativity, change your attitude and concentrate on your positive attributes.

Do not dwell on the kinds of clothes you wish you could wear. Focus on styles and colors that flatter you instead. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive features of any woman, and it allows her to look her best to everyone she meets.

Too often, women believe that buying things will make them feel better. They will purchase expensive and extravagant clothing or accessories, hoping to improve how they feel about themselves. Designer clothing will not make up for the inadequacies you feel inside. After a shopping spree, you are more likely to feel guilty and let down feelings that only reduce your self-esteem even more.

You can become trapped in a vicious cycle: feeling bad about yourself, buying extravagant items, then feeling worse about yourself because of the bills. Rather than going to the mall, go to the library. Find the self-help section. A book may offer the perfect starting point for raising your self-esteem.

Stay positive and your life will take on a positive tone. Keep away from negative influences. Try to be around people who have a positive impact on your life. Your friends know you are a wonderful and unique person. It is time that you knew it too !€™t

by Kenneth Scott


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