Business Professionalism - 5 Tips for Women's Professional Clothing™

What does it mean to project a professional appearance in today's business world ?

The business world is continually changing, and women have to adapt to this evolving environment. The business casual trend continues. As well, every season has a new look on the runway, and new styles in the stores. It can be bewildering.

Here are 5 tips for projecting a professional image in your business attire:

1. Don't be swayed by every new style. Trends generate buzz. They are good for the fashion business. You need to know the trends, or you end up looking out of date. And in today's youth oriented culture, looking old-fashioned can harm your business image.

However, there's a big difference between being aware of a trend, and being a slave to it. As a working woman, you need to know how to look up-to-date without looking too young, or at the other end, appearing like you are in a fashion time-warp.

2. Pick the colors of the season. If the runway shows models dressed head-to-toe in hot yellow or fuchsia, you can focus on one bright piece paired with a neutral pallet. Think of the punch of an orange sweater with grey pants and a jacket -fabulous !

3. Be a clothes curator. Think of your wardrobe as an art collection, with each item carefully chosen to make you look your best. Invest the most in items that will last the longest, such as a channel-style suite, because it never goes out of style. Add a few less expensive, "of the moment" accessories to update your style each season.

4. Learn to adapt the trends. Find ways to incorporate a trend into your fashion repertoire without going overboard. For example, young girls without any hips can pull off skinny jeans, but working women should opt for slim-cut pants instead. A teenager can decorate her whole arm with bangles, but one statement cuff is perfect on you.

5. Spend money strategically. If the key item is expensive, before you splurge ask yourself, "Is this something I can wear next season?" Make sure the items you buy will mix well with at least two items you already own.

Putting together a polished, professional wardrobe takes time and thought.€™t

by Lynda Goldman


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