European Casual Armani Clothes Still Popular This Autumn 2008™

Armani is well known for their jeans, both comfortable and incredibly stylish. The dark wash remains "in" this Autumn 2008. Both the straight leg and the loose leg appear in the new collection for menswear. Also popular are Recycled Cotton Jeans. Ideal for the environmentally conscious man that also wants to make a strong fashion statement! The Recycled Cotton Jeans come in white and have a relaxed fit that is looser than a straight leg sit. These jeans are ideal to wear with sneakers or loafers.

Armani has been a leader in menswear since they appeared on the casual clothing radar more than ten years ago. Each of their sub-brands becomes more popular each year. Their casual menswear has a strong reputation for being modern, durable and a true trendsetter.

Also popular are the Cargo Pants and the Brad Pants with Oversized Pockets. These khaki pants can easily be worn to work on casual day with a polo shirt and a sweater. While some workplaces still do not permit jeans, most would easily permit these very stylish khaki pants from Armani. Browns and khaki colors are very "in" this Autumn 2008 season as natural tones are seen in menswear.

It is clear that the dark jeans remain the clear leader in jeans styles for women. While the straight leg is the more classic style, the loose leg style also has many fans. A loose leg jean is perfect for clubbing and also goes quite well with boots.

Armani shirts remain unique and popular. This season sees the Overlapping t-shirt with a white t-shirt appearing underneath. Quite reminiscent of many popular athletes that double up on sportswear as they practice before a big game, this doubled t-shirt look promises to be very popular. Very unique, the Coat of Arms t-shirt with a gold printed coat of arms. This is a t-shirt to get you noticed. Ideal for the club or socializing with your friends, it has a dressy look to it and would look perfect with a dark blazer or jeans jacket.

Armani Jeans is an ideal choice for any women, for that casual day at work or that date where you want to make a great impression. These modern European casual clothes for men will get you noticed !€™t

by Darrell F


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