Fashion Jewelry for the Fall™

You've got the summer trend pinned down and maybe you like it and maybe you don't. Whichever of the two it is, the fashion jewelry for the summer is soon going to be on its way out. With the holiday season approaching, the fashion jewelry for the fall takes a rich and warm turn. Styles that are softer, rich and deep colors and mixed materials are coming your way. Let's take a sneak peak at what could probably be the top five trends for the fall.

The Shape - Round

Round is coming back in. Rings, discs, hoops and whatever else round. Circular is look of the coming season, be it fashion jewelry or haute couture. Try large hoops, concentric rings, medallions for earrings. Medallions will also work well for pendants. The bigger the better! The retro 1960's look is what you need to be on the look out for.

The Tones - Warm

Warm is in this season, but that does not rule out the classy look of a more cooling tone. Warm reds and rich oranges will do well this fall. Team it up with an Olive and you've got a great mix 'n' match. If you still prefer the classy look then stick to the pastels and the cooler shades like a watery blue or a light pink. For a look of even higher class, deep purples set in matte grey will do the trick.

The Look - Mix 'n' Match

This season is all about textures, layers and interesting materials being brought together to for interesting pieces of fashion jewelry. So go with it. Use your imagination and your creative eye, look for combination fashion jewelry or better still pick up different types and put them together yourself. Textured metals with silk cords and wood or metals with suede make interesting, eye-catching combinations.

The Materials - Natural all the way

Back to nature looks like the motto for fashion jewelry this fall. Natural materials like stones, shells, wood are being exploited this season to form so exquisite pieces of jewelry. The 'go green' bug seems to have hit the jewelry market too. Fresh water pearls, jade, agate and turquoise and mother of pearl seem to be in great demand on the jewelry front.

The Choice - Yours

The impact for the season - Bold. But if you're not the bold type, no fears, understated fashion jewelry will do just fine. If you do decide on the bold look though then this is what you should be wearing - big and dramatic pieces of jewelry that stand out and become the focal point of what you are wearing. Mixing the pleasing styles of the 70's along with the dual tones geometrics that were predominant in the 60's will go well with the season. If you would like to stick with the understated look then small crystals, light metals and grey / dark grey tones will work well for a day look.

Having said all of this, the possibilities with fashion jewelry are endless. You have the tips, make them work for you !€™t

by Brenda Ogilvie


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