Give Your Man Jewelry For His Birthday™

There are many different types of women's jewelry available in a number of different interesting shapes, including hearts, drops, insects, birds, geometric shapes and flowers. If you can imagine a piece of jewelry then you can bet your bottom dollar that you can make it !

If you think about men's jewelry you may assume that your choices are much more limited, and you wouldn't be far wrong. There are only coins, nuggets, chunky chains and crosses which are suitable for a man to wear. Because of this reduced selection it can be difficult for a man to get something that looks unique, so what can he do ?

Custom Designs

There are a few options available for a man wanting to choose unique jewelry. He could for example go to a custom jewelry designer to get something truly unique. A custom designer will assist you in deciding your fantastic unique pendant. Such a pendant can be as sophisticated or as simple as the person wants. Something simple like a bezel holding a simple diamond, to something much more unusual and unique like an infinity symbol design with lots of small diamonds.

A custom jewelry designer will also be able to take a specific symbol and use it to create an interesting piece of jewelry. They could take a well known symbol such as the Masons for example. Special unique jewelry can be a geometric design which is fairly simple, or a piece of your favorite gemstone. It could be pretty much anything you can imagine, so it's a good idea!

Not all men like the idea of diamond pendants they may think that they're too girly. If your man doesn't like diamonds then there are some other options. You don't have to use white diamonds, you can get diamonds in many different colors which can look just as unique as the white variants. Men might want to look at the wide range of different colored diamonds which are available so that they can find something that's right for them. Colored diamonds are just as durable and will last as long, just don't look quite as feminine as white diamonds.

There is absolutely no reason why a man won't enjoy wearing a pendant just as much as any woman would. Trends are changing all the time, men no longer have to buy specific male jewelry. By visiting a custom designer you can get your man a piece of jewelry which is ideal for him.€™t

by Linden A. Walhard


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