The Ideal Diet For Women With Type 2 Diabetes™

Everyone knows that proper diet is one of the first steps in combating diabetes, but few people understand the special need of women. Due to hormones and other things that women may suffer from, there is a different diet for woman with type 2 diabetes. What may be applicable for a woman may not be applicable to all women.-especially the pregnant ones.

It has been said that the leading symptom and factor of diabetes is obesity or being overweight. Although this logically entails that the solution is to reduce weight, this should be done with medical approval to ensure that no one's life is at stake. This is also to ensure that the dietary allowance of a woman is met. Other than proper diet, it is also a general recommendation to have adequate exercises.

The ideal food to take is food that contains less fat. According to research results, excess fat is a big determinant of diabetes type 2. The most effective way to combat this is through weight control. This may be easy to say but this is very difficult to maintain. There are other factors, such as depression and loneliness. These are factors that contribute to the bad eating habits of women. Other than non-fat food, it is also observed that this should be coupled with exercise. Plus, it is also a medical finding that women who smoke are not very likely to succeed in treating diabetes through exercise and correct diet alone.

Another recommendation is to eat more foods rich in starch. These are foods that include breads and starchy vegetables. This also includes cereal. Corn and beans are also great sources of starch. Other than this, one should eat at least consume five different kinds of fruits per day. This is to ensure that the body gets rid of toxins and that the food intake does not add to the fat volume already accumulated in the body.

Lastly, the intake of foods with lots of sugar should be moderated. This includes chocolates and other sweet foods. At the most, sugary foods should be taken only twice a week. The reason for recommending the foods mentioned above is to get more soluble fibers. What soluble fibers do is regulate and slow down the absorption of glucose.

Always remember, preparing a Diet For Woman With Type 2 Diabetes will not be effective without discipline. So, it really all starts with values and not medication.€™t

by Jen Miller


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