Making Your Own Italian Fashion Statement™

We see fashionable clothes and make up styles evolving through the years. Each year, the fashion industry wants to make a statement setting that year apart from the previous year. The year 1970 was probably the first moment in time that allowed women to decide for themselves as to what they want and what makes them comfortable.

Hot pants, maxi skirts and especially miniskirts are the staples of a woman’s closet and she can choose what she wants to wear when she wants to wear them. During a night out in town, you can see women wearing halter tops paired off with evening trousers or with a maxi skirt or other interesting clothing pieces. You can see empire line dresses in knee length or mini skirt style.

The fashion changes varied a lot during this era. Some were soft, some were feminine, some were rock, some were funky. And the fashion changes affected both men and women. Nike added running shoes in both gender’s wardrobes.

The most popular hairstyles were the ones popularized by Farrah Fawcett (long and straight, one sided with wings) and Afro perms.

Disco style clothing was also very popular thanks to John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but easily became out of style because the slinky shirts, skin tight pants and platform shoes made the wearer uncomfortable.

Make up was soft, fresh and natural. If you want a tanned look, there were fake tans and bronzers that you can use. The staples were frosted lipstick, shimmery eye shadow and muted blush.€™t

by Priyanka Arora


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