Outdoor Kitchen Design Hints & Tips™

Picture this: It's a super-Sunday with oodles of bright sunshine and a delightfully gentle breeze displaying a seductively intense passion that cuts across iconic verdant vistas. Add some grilled sandwiches or steak to this uncontaminated spectacle, and you have an indulgence that provides a complete sensory experience for life's most precious moments. If you want this blissfully idyllic dream to make inroads into your dark, caustic existence, then all it takes is an outdoor kitchen design.

And before you think of this account as some kind of an apocryphal story, remember what endless harangues made by designers dwell on- all it takes is a small space and munificent amounts of imagination, and you could give the real estate value of your home a shot in the arm. It's time to experience a new sense of freedom out of the stolid walls of your indoor kitchen.

More Than Just Grilled Cabinet Enclosures

If you share that antiquated opinion that outdoor kitchens are only about the very generic grilled cabinet enclosures, you'll more than undergo a gearshift when you feast your eyes on the scores of very stylish and sophisticated designs that blend a perfectly functional cooking area with a pulsating entertainment zone, without offending aesthetic sensibilities.

It just takes a little effort, and your deck or patio could send your imagination and your tastebuds soaring.

Planning Is Key

If you want your outdoor kitchen to be a spectacular celebration of impeccable luxury and unrestrained convenience, you need to plan for it. Here's how:

  • First, decide on the amount of space to be allocated for this very ambitious venture.
  • The design must be in conformity with your needs and tastes. If you're an occasional cook, then simplicity is the credo that you must follow. You can go the whole hog if you enjoy the magical experience of creating delectable delights while soaking up the incredible panorama.
  • You may eschew the need for an elaborate storage system, but you just cannot think of a kitchen without a slew of cooking appliances. Refrigerator, stove top and sink make life much simpler.
  • No question about the requirement of grilling stands, right? Freestanding or built in grilling islands, you take your pick. In case you have the immense wherewithal, go in for a uber-cool, custom-made masonry grilling island. Prefab grilling islands in an assortment of finishes and configurations are perfect for those limited by finances.
  • The materials you choose must be able to weather many a storm. Polymer is the numero uno choice, and pips other traditional materials like wood, concrete and stucco. It's a solid and remarkably durable material that remains largely unaffected by moisture, chips and cracks.
  • Want a bright spark of an idea ? Try ambience lighting, or better still, solar lighting that illuminate your brilliant design.€™t
by Yoga Priyakara


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