Sexy Strapless Bustiers - You Only Need One !™

A strapless bustier is one of the most versatile pieces of sexy lingerie that a woman can own. A well designed bustier can provide many of the figure shaping benefits of a corset, without the accompanying discomfort. A bustier can be used to provide definition underneath other clothes, or worn instead of a shirt, perhaps paired with a beautiful jacket. Although bustiers and the related basque come in many styles, a strapless bustier provides maximum options. Read on for some important information about this amazing garment.

Basque, Bustier or Corset ?

All three terms are often used interchangeably, so it is important to examine a garment to determine if it is what you want, regardless of the label. Strictly speaking, however, there are some design differences. A corset has traditionally been used for figure definition and even waist training, although modern styles are much less restrictive. Nonetheless, a corset laces up, contains boning, and takes inches off the waist. A bustier generally has light boning or a control panel, and is designed to gently sculpt the body rather than confine it. A basque is similar to a bustier, but may not contain control panels or boning, and often has straps or even small cap sleeves. In general, a corset does not feature built-in cups, while the bustier and the basque both do. However, this is not always the case.

Sizing a Strapless Bustier

A bustier is sized according to the chest measurement of the bra size. This can make it difficult to find the perfect fit. Larger busted women may need to go up a size, while those with small busts may prefer to go down a size. If ordering online, be sure to read the size chart and ordering information closely. Also consider trying on a few bustiers in person to decide your exact size.

Strapless Bustier Styles

You can find strapless bustiers in a wide range of styles, from relatively demure to blatantly sexy. The style you select will depend on the ways in which you plan to wear the bustier. If it will be used for body shaping beneath outerwear, select a relatively plain style without a lot of details that may show through your outer garment. However, if you plan to substitute the bustier for a shirt, then the sky is truly the limit. Look for styles with a lot of detailing that add a dressy, glamorous touch.

The Bottom Line

The strapless bustier is an excellent addition to a collection of sexy lingerie. Both practical and functional, the bustier can be worn in a bold and sexy style for the bedroom, a gently body sculpting version underneath any outfit, or even in a dressy and dramatic style in lieu of a shirt. Make sure that you understand how the bustier is sized and follow all ordering instruction carefully. Try on several styles before you buy, and you may even end up making several purchases.€™t

by Amanda Cotterill


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