Single Women Buy A Home For More Than An Investment™


Younger single women tend to buy in the heart of downtown, for social reasons. They want a vibrant urban community with amenities right there. They do not want to commute a long distance to the suburbs. On the other hand, women of all ages will buy a home they are not in love with, for family reasons. Perhaps the home is not exactly what they want, but it is close to a great school where their children will thrive, or close to a grandparent who can provide daycare.

Safety and security

These are key issues for single ladies. Even if they can afford to buy a single-family detached unit, many will opt to buy an apartment or town-home because they perceive this style of housing as safer and more secure. Certain types of multi-family living have a better sense of neighbourliness, and for many living in a town-home feels more secure than a single-family home on a large lot.

Low maintenance

There is no question that women, as a whole, are embracing home repair and maintenance. Fully 50 percent of purchases at Home Depot are now made by women, but young ladies are still more likely to look for a home that promises low maintenance. One great advantage of low-maintenance housing is that it frees up time for other activities.

Obviously, those who are most interested in reports of this type are residential and mixed-use developers and home-builders, whose main goal is invariably to try to offer homebuyers everything they need, and most of what they want, for a price they can afford.€™t

by Luigi Frascati


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