Some Tips on How to Make Teen Clothes Trendy™

Walk down the corridors of a happening college and you are bound to see girls in their best ever outfits, chatting up with their friends or exchanging their notes. Bright blues, bandannas, cool jackets, buzzing cell phones and chips will be the scenario of a cool college where girls do meticulous planning and spending loads of money, time and energy to be in the hottest and happening looks.

These days looking good are of utmost importance. Making new friends and the urge to get acceptance in different work groups have forced the teens of this age to have a considerable amount of thinking on their clothing.

A lot of scrupulous planning is required for the teens that need to meet the latest trends. Nothing can be worse when the wardrobe contains things which are not fit to be worn. One thing which has to examined before the shopping is to have a glance at your wardrobe and if you have too many T-shirts filled than you could probably go for a jacket to break the monotony of your wardrobe.

Basics of Teen Clothing
A Jeans

A cool pair of jeans can add a great deal of difference to one's wardrobe. A rugged pair of blue colored jeans can go along with any top be it a Kurti, a T shirt. The amazing advantage of a jeans in a wardrobe could be that it need not be crisp and new always and even an old pair would give a stone washed look giving its own look unlike other clothes because as they fade we need to stop wearing them.
However the denim jeans whether old or new makes the trendy look still enhance further.


Skirts be it long or short carries a great zeal of cuteness to any girl. A micro mini skirt could be a sure way to get a date a prom night. They provide a great personality boost to a girl and these are worn by girls who dare to be a little rebellious. They turn to be less adventurous when they are combined with a black legging .However a mini skirt with a black legging turns to be a trendier look. Long skirts with a good amount of flair these days are the spice of the day, a line of cut can accentuate your look.

Some tips to accentuate your look
If you are tired of your old jeans then probable you can peel it from the bottom and gently pull its threads so as to enhance its look. Care has to be exercised while peeling it from the bottom.

Get yourself a white shirt and start painting, some roses, and a photo of a rock star can transform a white shirt into a masterwork.

Trendy teen outfits have no limitations in terms of creativity. Be innovative, restrict your expenditure. Take care that your piggy bank doesn't break. This is the time when you can enhance your creativity as well and your looks.€™t

by Jackson Jack


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