Sports Bra Buying and Wearing Tips™

Sports bra is one of the essential clothing for girls or women who are active or into sports. Sports bra are designed in a way where comfort and support are being promoted. Also, as sports bra is becoming more and more popular in every sports, manufacturers are starting to implement technologies which will help to improve the performance of sportswomen.

Sports Bra Tips #1 Avoid Irritation

Sometimes, the sports bra itself is not good enough in promoting comfort as different bodies are sensitive to different materials. Some parts of a sports bra gather sweat and friction will cause irritation. One good way to reduce such disturbances to your sporting activities is to apply petroleum jelly or other lotion of such types on body parts that are affected by irritations. These substances will ease the pain and possibly delay the happening of irritation.

Sports Bra Tips #2 No Dryer

A lot of people dry up their lingerie, panties and bra using a dryer. Even though a sports bra might be made from materials different from other lingerie and some do have the label stating a bra can sustain the heat from a dryer, it is still not advisable to use the dryer for dying purposes. This is because the bra will be worn out much more faster under the heat of a dryer. One good way to dry up a bra is to use the clothing line. However, you may have to pick between your own privacy and durability of your bra.

Sports Bra Tips #3 Bra Colors

Be sure to have a wardrobe of sports bra with different colors. This is because different sporting events might require you to wear jerseys of different colors. You will need to test wear a jersey with your collection of sports bra with different colors to make sure that the color of your inner sportswear does not show through. Such move can prevent unnecessary attention that will interrupt your mental state, which indirectly affect your performance.

Sports Bra Tips #4 Go Braless for Comfort

Some sports like tennis are more popular with girls wearing a sports gown instead of a sports bra. If this happens to you, you may consider going braless. This option would be wise for sportswomen with a slightly small breasts and for those who feel that an extra piece of clothing will limit the movement and flexibility of their body. Also, a lot of women sportswear nowadays are providing good support for the breasts as well.

Sports Bra Tips #5 Throw The Old Ones Away

Sports bra are sometimes being worn by women as an outer wear. Wearing and displaying an old or torn bra on your body is very disgusting and will turn people off with your lack of fashion sense. Also, the support of old sports bra might not be that good and will cause droopy breasts which will affect your performance negatively. Thus, discard your old sports bra immediately if you feel like they are not offering the support and comfort as before.€™t

by Janice Richards


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