Tall Women's Clothing™

Tall women require an extra degree of attention in choosing clothing and fashion styles to flatter their figure. For example, if a tall woman wears skirts that are too short or too long, it makes their body look out of proportion. Therefore, it is important that the length of their skirts be at either the knee or just below knee level.

A tall woman can also play down the length of her torso by wearing blouses that fall over the pants and skirts, giving an illusion of a perfectly proportioned figure.

Some fashion experts also suggest that tall women should avoid pants with tapered legs, as they appear to lengthen the legs and accentuate the size of the hips and thighs. Tall women should wear clothes with seam lines, belts, bows and collars to shorten or narrow the torso. They may even wear prints around the neck and over the shoulders, to make those areas appear wider. In fact, low-rise pants and shoes with straps make the legs appear shorter, thus giving the body an evenly proportioned look.

Fashion experts say that too much color for a tall figure can be overwhelming. Therefore, they advise a tall woman to wear several different colors. Wearing the same color of nylons as the skirt and shoe lengthens the leg, so if one wants to have the appearance of shorter legs, then one should wear a natural nylon color.

There are many fashion suggestions for tall women available through various online and catalog stores. Several manufacturers offer clothing designed for taller women. However, getting one's clothes custom tailored might be one of the best options for tall ladies to keep looking great in clothes specifically modified to flatter their figure the best.€™t

by Seth Miller


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