Defining the Real You...™

Have you ever wondered why it is that you don't always feel comfortable wearing the latest fashion ? Are you sometimes overwhelmed and confused by the fashion choices ?

Basically, you'd like a wardrobe that works for you. But where do you start ?

I can tell you that our personality dictates our style. The clothes that we wear and how we wear them are governed by many factors: our colouring, age, build, lifestyle, environment, budget, culture and preferences. But it is our personality that acts as a catalyst and pulls our whole look together. This is our own interpretation of fashion and how we like to dress.

Each one of us has a little person inside us bursting to get out. The sooner we understand who she is, the sooner we can develop our personal style. When you know your style personality you will adapt or select fashion to suit you. And you will feel comfortable in your outfit, whatever the occasion.

How ?

You'll now be asking, 'how do I know my style personality ?' There are a few simple questions to put us on the starting block...


For instance, think about the kind of shopper you are; Do you love shopping in markets or vintage boutiques? Maybe you are a Creative personality. You enjoy combining different items of clothing and accessories to give yourself a unique look.


Or do you dread the shopping experience? Do you only shop when you need something?
You could be a Natural personality. Comfort and casual styling is your preference.


And here's another simple question...What is in your non-working wardrobe? If you are a Dramatic personality, it will be the latest fashion purchase. Creating a wow factor with your clothes is your priority.


Or, if you find co-ordinated separates, you could be a Classic personality. You like to keep your look fairly formal and always match your handbag and shoes.


Have you spotted yourself yet? No? That could mean you are a Romantic personality. Romantics love details; flowers, bows, ruffles etc. You never go out without wearing heels or your make-up.

City Chic

But what if following trends rather than high fashion is more in your comfort zone? The City Chic personality could be you. You prefer simple styles. And you love to accessorise with the 'it' bag.

Wouldn't it feel great to walk into any situation knowing you look great ?

Well, you can. Simply attend an Image Consultation with a Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant and learn the necessary 'art' of how to dress your individual shape, scale & proportions. Learn how and when to use colour and when to use neutrals. And by knowing how to dress your crucial style personality you can get to where you'd like to be.€™t

by Sarah Gray


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