Tall Women's Clothing - From Work to Play in Style™

Women who are very tall often discover that looking stylish and pulled together is sometimes a very hard task to manage. However, with some good tips and suggestions it is possible to still look great and pulled together no matter where you are planning to go. While some women resort to hiring a stylist to help then keep their image pulled together it is not necessary if you follow some guidelines.

First, avoid shirts that do not extend at least to your hip line. If the shirt is too short and does not extend to at least the natural waistline it can cause you to look overly tall and quite unnatural. Shirts that extend to at least the natural waistline help provide a connected and pulled together appearance.

Avoid pants that are too short. While finding pants that are the appropriate length may not be easy, it is well worth the effort because otherwise you can look sloppy or unprofessional. If you choose to wear shorts, then always ensure that the shorts are not too long. If you are very tall an appropriately lengthen pair of shorts can make you look stunning.

Tall women should also avoid wearing high heels that are more than 3" tall. While extremely tall shoes are often quite trendy and stylish they also have the misfortune of making an extremely tall woman appear as if she is a giant rather than stylish. To avoid this look for similar shoes that are a bit shorter in height so that you are able to still look stylish and trendy without seeming as if you are overly tall.

Another important consideration that you should be careful about is the fact that finding appropriately fitting clothes for a very tall woman is not always easy. To help make things easier and ensure that you are not looking frumpy or unprofessional it is often a wise decision to seek out stores that are geared specifically towards tall women. A store that simply stocks a few pieces of tall women's clothing is not going to have the options available that a store geared towards tall women will offer.€™t

By Stoyan Katsarski


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