Working Through the Options of Kitchen Faucets™

Kitchen faucets have become an important design element in the overall look and feel of your new kitchen. Whether you're building brand new or doing a remodeling project you'll want to at least consider whether a new kitchen faucet is right for you.

There are a variety of styles available today. It's enough to make your head spin. The most common options are:

-Single handle
-Single handle pull outs
-Double Handle
-Wall pull out
-High arching faucets
-Bar and Prep faucets
-Pot fillers (a great bonus feature in any kitchen)
-Side spray handles

Probably my favorite "new" type that is becoming very popular in upscale homes is the pot filler. For those who have large stove top areas and do a lot of cooking, it's not always easy to carry a heavy pot of water from your sink across the room to your stove. To solve that problem some genius came up with the pot filler faucet that is installed over your stove and range area. It's entire purpose is to fill pots on the stove with water so you don't have to carry it across the cooking space. Brilliant!

In our kitchen we have a single handle with side spray pull out. It's not one of the high arching faucets, I learned that the taller ones can take a while for hot water to come through and while their height can be helpful for filling pots and buckets the slow water movement through them can be inconvenient. I really like the side spray pull out, when it's being used the water immediately stops running through the main faucet and instead is routed entirely through the sprayer. These are great for cleaning the far corners of your sink, and for filling containers that don't fit inside the sink itself. They don't fill as quickly as the regular faucet but they provide tremendous extra reach.€™t

By Kristen Easton


Kelly said…
Wow!! Love those great looking kitchen faucets and nice information about different style of kitchen faucets...

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