T – Shirts "Different Styles for Different People"

T – Shirts are worn by everyone; men, women, children and the elderly. However, they differ slightly in styles between all of these people. The small difference in style creates a significant cultural difference which can be seen in today’s society. This article will describe these different styles and the effect they have of people.

There is a clear difference between men and women’s t shirts because they are firstly made differently to accommodate a man’s and women’s body, furthermore many women’s t shirts have feminative associations such as a the t shirt being cut in order to show cleave. This most certainly does not occur in men’s t shirts. As there is a clear and definitive difference between men and women t shirt’s I will not discuss how they differ according to their style to suit themselves.

In today’s fashion driven society it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish the different styles of t shirts for adults teenagers and children. Once a style of fashion is instituted the general trend is followed throughout all the different styles. At the moment it is possible to see a huge popularity with the Y neck t shirt. The Y neck t shirt is a standard t shirt that has a the collar in the shape of a metaphorical Y. The idea of this t shirt is to give off strong connotations of manliness. It does this by following the contours of the men’s chest and shows off part of the chest, where for men often have chest hair. By showing off their body firstly gives off a sexual representational then secondly a strong masculinity feature. Furthermore these Y neck t shirts are often very fitted. The idea of having a fitted t shit gives of the impression that you appear bigger then you are. By having the arms on the sleeves tight against your bicep and tricep means that your arms look much bigger. With many teenagers and men, there is a strong desire for female attention. Firstly by wearing the Y neck t – shirt, currently a fashionable t shirt gives off strong ideas that the man is fashionably forward, which many women like in a man. Secondly by wearing this t shirt men can give out sexual vibes of an alpha male impression. By wearing a tight fitted top the male looks much bigger than he is. And in a world driven by looks and impressions it is imperative to look your best at all times.

From this short article it is possible to see that in the example of men at the moment are following the fashion world in the Y neck tops, which are proving to be very popular. The idea that these tops show notions of a alpha masculinity is a major driving force that entices men to want to wear these types of clothing, with the ultimination of getting women’s.

by David Kensington


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